NYC Cravings Truck is Back Today With Pork Chops & Tea Eggs

As if lunch today wasn’t a hard enough decision today.  Bacon implosion at Channel Fourthe $9 lobster roll at Certe… and now this:  The NYC Cravings Truck is back today, and by popular demand they’ve added (a limited number of) pork chops ($7) and tea eggs ($1 each) to their menu.  The plan is to park on 52nd & Lex again, but they had a little trouble last week- so you should probably check their Twitter feed before heading out for some Taiwanese pork chop or fried chicken action. UPDATE: They are parked on 53rd btw. Park+Lex.


  • Tea Egg for 1 dollar?!?! an, egg, hard boiled in some tea concoction for 1 dollar a piece? you can get a dozon eggs for 1 dollar. This is a huge ripoff, do not buy.

  • It sounds nasty but not like a ripoff. If everything we purchased we paid cost for, how would people pay for gas or pay there employees or other expenses?

  • you dont HAVE to buy something because its listed. And a carton of eggs is NOT $1… i should be shopping where you shop.

  • guess what, they still sold out of the eggs. $1 is not so bad all things considered. and it makes their accounting a million times easier.

  • I think Al got some bad rice last week.

  • to each their own, at the same super market that I can get cheap eggs, they also sell corn-dogs, but instead of a cornmeal coating, they use a kind of tempura breading and deep fry it, and serve it on the end of a chopstick… for 1 dollar. they need to serve that on the cart.

  • i saw this update too late!!! walked all the way to lex & 52nd from 7th ave at noon and couldnt find the truck. will try again next friday.

  • Al, send over one of those corn dogs STAT!

  • $1 carton of eggs? I didn’t know the 99 cents stores sold eggs that cheap. lol.

    Tea eggs for $1 is reasonable. Even Egg tarts are $1 each these days. Does your store sell a dozen of those for $1? Hahaha.

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    1 dollar for a dozen? what about the gas to heat the water to boil it? what about the person that has to open the stupid thing? what about the tea and seasonings? etc.. etc.. i’d say 1 dollar is fair.

    I had the pork chop today and was a little disappointed with it. mine was a healthy portion, but it was a little undercooked on certain parts of it.

    I think their fried chicken is much better. the pork chop doesn’t transport well in a truck i guess…

    awesome dumplings still and got the tea egg. :-) hehe

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