NYC Cravings Fried Chicken Truck is Back Today

If you missed out on the Taiwanese fried chicken madness earlier in the week, the NYC Cravings Truck is parked on 52nd and Lexington today.  Since it’s their first time parking in this space, you might want to keep an eye on their Twitter for any updates. Getting there early might be a good move too… although hopefully they brought more chicken today than they did on Monday!


  • I agree that the pork sauce was a little too salty..

    I think i just got the short end of the stick because I only really got a drumstick.. about half the portion of the given picture above… oh well… doesn’t mean i won’t go back..

  • hey thomas, kevin’s cousin? used to hang out with delton and henry?

  • Was pretty tasty- couldn’t even finish it all! Skin on the chicken was delicious. Love that they serve the thigh (white meat is weak). Walked up, and with all the hype figured there’d be a huge line, but I was in and out in under 120 seconds.

    Staff was friendly, I’d definitely go back.

    Where will they be parking next week? RT came through from Zach saying that they were receiving pressure from neighboring vendors.

  • Had the Craving truck today. Was so-so. Chicken is certainly crisp, tasty and juicy. Had to wait an extra 7 minutes because they had just run out of rice. They really need to fix that problem. I asked for extra pork sauce…didn’t get it. the dumplings are tiny and they are kind of open so the filling is coming out. But they are good pork dumplings. All in all, it’s good food, but not worth 15 minutes on line. Also, no white meat? I like dark, but having the option to pay more for white meat would be good.

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