At Lunch Now: NYC Cravings Truck Just Ran Out of Chicken

In case there was any doubt before today, this picture should seal it: Midtown loves Chinatown style fried chicken from a truck. NYC Cravings, the new Taiwanese fried chicken truck parked in Midtown for the first time today (on 45th and 6th) and this was the scene at 1pm just before they informed the 30+ person line that there were only 18 orders of chicken left.

If you missed out, they’ll be at Park and 24th tomorrow- and have said that they plan on parking at this location in Midtown every Monday… which is great news, b/c I tried the chicken and it is pretty freakin awesome. A new powerhouse in the NYC food truck scene has arrived. Full report coming soon.


  • I got in on time! Amazing food. I loved it.

  • I believe the line is further proof of why food blogs….


    Damn yooooooooooouuuuuu

  • Was there at 11:55 to avoid the inevitable line. Chicken=tasty. Pork sauce=tasty. Pickled veggies=tasty. Vegan dumplings=not so tasty. I blame myself for even trying them though. I was swayed by a customer in front of us who got a free sample and proclaimed them to be “really good” and then purchased them. In any event, this is my new Monday lunch.

  • Cant get excited for dark meat what’s up with some breasts!!

  • So glad I got there by 12 to beat the rush. I would definitely go back for more chicken. What a shame they’re only around on Mondays!

  • “tired” or “tried”?
    or… “tiered”?
    or “teared”
    or “cried”?

  • everything i expected. really delicious, cant wait until next Monday

  • Damn, can you ask them to park downtown… on water street… and… wall…? one day? just one day, I’m asking nicely…

    PS Zach this is one of the times when I think it’s a good thing for you that you eat lunch so early…


  • @Yvo – They’ll be parked on Washington & Greene on Wednesday…

  • How am I supposed to feed my family? They shoulda had a tractor trailor in the back with chicken on ice…

  • Zach, you’re the Oprah of midtown lunch.

  • except thinner & prettier

  • I was offered a chance to go down and passed on it. My co-worker gave me a taste. I am so regretting my decision. It was great. We are already planning for next monday.

  • I was lucky enough to get the food (about 4 more people were able to get their orders in before they ran out). It’s pretty standard-fare Taiwanese Chicken Leg over rice. They don’t know where they are parking the truck this Friday for lunch time yet, and I was trying my best to convince them to be at the same spot again.

  • I missed out! Got to get there earlier next Monday.

  • they tell you where they are going to be located everyday on!!

  • yum. is it comparable to the stuff you get at wah mei / lu’s seafood (66)?

  • Thanks Zach! That’s Washington Sq. Park… they’ve also listed they’ll be near my high school this week, which is slightly closer… damn it. Tweeting the Treats Truck didn’t work but let me see if I can tweet them… I wonder if Cosilicious wants in on this too?

  • The food is amazing…I’ve lived in Taiwan and the taste of NYC Cravings just brings me back to the streets of Taipei. It’s awesome…definitely worth the wait in line!!!

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