At Lunch Now: NYC Cravings Truck Just Ran Out of Chicken

In case there was any doubt before today, this picture should seal it: Midtown loves Chinatown style fried chicken from a truck. NYC Cravings, the new Taiwanese fried chicken truck parked in Midtown for the first time today (on 45th and 6th) and this was the scene at 1pm just before they informed the 30+ person line that there were only 18 orders of chicken left.

If you missed out, they’ll be at Park and 24th tomorrow- and have said that they plan on parking at this location in Midtown every Monday… which is great news, b/c I tried the chicken and it is pretty freakin awesome. A new powerhouse in the NYC food truck scene has arrived. Full report coming soon.


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    Lo mejorcito que he comido por Nueva York, el pollo está de fábula, si ves el furgón aparcado en algún sitio NO LO DEJES ESCAPAR sin haberlo probado. Best choice for yummy chicken this is.

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