NYC Cravings Fried Chicken Truck is Back Today

If you missed out on the Taiwanese fried chicken madness earlier in the week, the NYC Cravings Truck is parked on 52nd and Lexington today.  Since it’s their first time parking in this space, you might want to keep an eye on their Twitter for any updates. Getting there early might be a good move too… although hopefully they brought more chicken today than they did on Monday!


  • Awesome. I’ll try to see if I can get a plate. That’s right across the street from me. Haha.

  • right around the corner for me. i’m so there. $6 right?

  • Sorry…i have chickens @ home….what part of a ‘chicken’ is that Mongoloid freak from?

  • Who wants a fried chicken leg when they can get a hot and juicy deep – fried walgreens sandwhich? For the next downtown lunch, I challenge Daniel to try the downtown Walgreens. I own you Zach!

  • Just got back from Cravings truck……the food is freakin awesome….it’s been a while since i’ve had chicken this juicy….i highly recommend everyone to eat lunch here.

  • I’ve never had rice this undercooked before. The sauce and chicken are delicious though.

  • Yea my rice is terrible!!! It’s crusty and crunchy all over the place. Hahaha. Chicken is good though and the mustard greens/Pork sauce is okay. After the hype from everyone, it could stand to be a little more savory (pork) and sour (the way mustard greens should be).

  • Maybe it is just that batch of rice. When I got the rice last time, it was perfect. Love the fried chicken and the sauce. absolutely DELICIOUS~!

  • Just tried it and I guess I was among the crowd with the first under-cooked batch of rice. The rice was definitely a turn off but the sauce and the vegetables were great. The chicken was really moist and tender, but I was hoping it would have more of a dry and crispy flavor.

    Stick with the pork dumplings. The vegan dumplings are definitely a little funky. Also I’d say the skin is a little on the thick side. Oh just disregard the dumplings altogether.

    Overall, I’d say it was alright. It would’ve been a better experience had I not gotten the dumplings and had I gotten a better batch of rice.

  • Just finished my dish. My rice was horrid as well. Greens were phenomenal, but chicken was…fried chicken. Sauce didn’t live up to hype. But my belly is rumbling, which isn’t a good thing. So I don’t think I’ll go back. But those greens? All kinds of tasty.

  • That chicken came from 3 mile island.

  • Don’t really see what was really that special about the chicken.. like Belly Full said, it was just… fried chicken, and not that big of a piece either. Couldn’t really discern the pork sauce from the rest of the flavors, and the pickled veggies was the only piece that stood out.. as a matter of fact, I had to enhance the flavor with some of the sweet beijing sauce they had on the side of the truck. I’ll save my $6 for some biryani chicken and rice.

  • love the fried chicken, but for 6$, i don’t see it really as a deal… maybe my piece of chicken was just smaller than everyone else’s…. but the chicken is delicious..

    agree on the rice… it was way undercooked today.. probably just a bad day.

  • I’d say the portion is more than adequate. For $6, an entire chicken leg with rice and pork sauce is pretty reasonable. Bummer on the rice but mine came out great.

  • I thought the portion size was sensible for a $6 lunch.

    They get kudos for bringing something original but you guys were right about the flavors. They seem a little dumbed down for the american palate. I was looking for a stronger five-spicy flavor in the chicken but it tasted like straight up chicken. Really good job on the frying, not too oily or dry.

    (warning: gross alert)

    My burps tasted like instant noodles.

  • If only more things came slathered in pork sauce.

  • word. i should mention the pork sauce needed a pinch more salt.

  • The pork sauce overwhelms the “Taiwanese” flavor of the chicken. The “Taiwanese” fried chicken flavor isn’t too strong with this disk. When I’ve had it at other places it’s usually small pieces and not giant legs, so there’s more surface to meat ratio allowing for more seasoning. What they offer tastes good–I’d probably prefer eating rice + pork sauce, then rice + chicken, keeping those two flavors separate. I think it’s a good alternative to the normal Halal style food, just as El Sabor Del Ray is mixing it up, or the Pork + Waffle truck. Variety is good and for 6 dollars totally worth it.

    The next time I eat there though, the rice better be cooked.

  • I was sadly disappointed and finished my meal disheartened. I wrote my Yelp review already and well… I may be really picky with Taiwanese food since apparently I have “refined” tastes for Taiwanese cuisine (my mom was a chef) but despite the chicken being relatively good, I couldn’t even stomach the rice which meant being barely able to stomach the pork (which was too salty…) and the mustard greens were just ok (they need to soak it longer).

    I hope they improve over time, I’ll go back in a few weeks to test it out again… I have high hopes for this truck, but today must’ve just been an off day.

  • hey guys, i’m one of the staff on the truck. sorry to hear that we messed up some of the rice. just want to explain that we were expecting a big crowd in midtown today, so we decided to cook up lots of rice. we aren’t experienced in cooking big batches of rice. (who knew cooking rice would be so hard?) we’ll try to refine our technique, but to make it up for this time, just mention “raw rice” on friday and we’ll hook up a free drink with each chicken over rice. i know it isn’t much, but it’s the best we can do right now.

    hope everyone enjoyed the meal otherwise.

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