At Lunch Now: Free KFC Grilled Chicken-Gate Day 2

No riots today… Just a quiet, peaceful line of freeloaders that stretches down 42nd St. AND AROUND THE CORNER (onto Vanderbilt). Today they are only letting a few people in at a time so the line is moving super slow. I mean seriously people. This meal costs $5!!! You have to be the cheapest person of all time to put up with this nonsense.

I of course will be waiting in line for my free chicken. (What can I say? It’s what I do…)

UPDATE: 55 mins (10 of it in the rain) for $4 worth of chicken and you don’t even get to choose your sides! Worth it? Fuck no! What’s that? You already knew that? Oh. I guess it could have been worse… I could have been the guy behind me who waited all that time only to realize you needed a coupon (which he didn’t have.)


  • I think what makes Pollo Loco taste so good is that MSG/crack like seasoning they rub on it. It’s like Goya’s Sazon, but way better.

  • Wow dude… crappy free food is not worth that wait.

  • Too bad cali has a major stranglehold on all the pollo locos. I’d like to try them too.

    Frim wikipedia: In the United States, the El Pollo Loco chain primarily operates in the Southwest and California, with three locations in the Chicago area, four in metro Atlanta, and one in Connecticut at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Ledyard. El Pollo Loco opened its first restaurant in Washington state on May 5, 2008 (Cinco de Mayo) in Vancouver, Washington. As of Sunday May 3, 2009 the Vancouver location has closed its doors. On February 2, 2009, El Pollo Loco also announced the opening of its first restaurant in New Jersey. At least 15 El Pollo Loco restaurants are planned for northern and central New Jersey, and Long Island, New York. El Pollo Loco is also opening a new restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri.

    We need an In-N-Out burger too. LOLOL.

  • Anyone who waits on line for an hour a few dollar’s worth of over-processed food deserves to get rained on. A lot.

  • what sides were they giving out?

  • mashed potatoes and cole slaw. suuuuucked.

    the biscuit was the saving grace.

  • Looks like they can’t keep up with it.. they are giving rainchecks now… and suspending the promotion.

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