At Lunch Now: Free KFC Grilled Chicken-Gate Day 2

No riots today… Just a quiet, peaceful line of freeloaders that stretches down 42nd St. AND AROUND THE CORNER (onto Vanderbilt). Today they are only letting a few people in at a time so the line is moving super slow. I mean seriously people. This meal costs $5!!! You have to be the cheapest person of all time to put up with this nonsense.

I of course will be waiting in line for my free chicken. (What can I say? It’s what I do…)

UPDATE: 55 mins (10 of it in the rain) for $4 worth of chicken and you don’t even get to choose your sides! Worth it? Fuck no! What’s that? You already knew that? Oh. I guess it could have been worse… I could have been the guy behind me who waited all that time only to realize you needed a coupon (which he didn’t have.)


  • no efing way! the economy must really be sucky if
    employed people are waiting on lines like that.
    they better have chicken for me next week.
    I printed my legit coups yesterday, no pdf copy,
    real wifi coupons. I’m not cheap, just penniless.

  • What a line… you can get some for free just by bowing to the Saudi King too, you know

  • you can go next door to fridays and get $5 sandwiches and salads…

  • Wayne: Wow that made no sense at all!

  • I just went to Green Cafe. Another generic midtown deli, not the Europa generic but the asian owned generic, udon and sushi bar and all. The food is just decent, but at 4.50 the price is right, and even so I wouldn’t go there even once a week. For 9 the price is wayy overpriced and I give this place two months before it closes down. For the best of the generic asian delis I’d go to old bridge

  • Zach?!? you wouldn’t act on my free bread bowl tip, but you will stand in line for airbrushed grill marks!!

    the nerve!

  • maybe i should have dared you?

  • that’s the typical NY attitude, one waits on line without knowing what’s it for. yes, you need a coupon, voucher, letter from God to get this freebie.

  • 5 bucks worth of free KFC is not even remotely close to 1 hour of my time. I just don’t get it.

  • free just tastes better peep-pos

  • you should have just gone to jump on the big bed and get a free iTunes gift card, like i tried to.

  • El Pollo Loco twittered that on Monther’s Day they’ll honor KFC’s coupons…

  • Is there an El Pollo Loco around here??!?!?!? ARRRRRRIIIIIIIBAAA!!!!!

    Wayne we be interested he’s dated some crazy chicks.

  • what started as a promotion now just gives people negative emotions when they think about KFC. Oprah you’re a fiasco waiting to happen.

  • So these silly fuckers queued up for and hour to save $1.01?

    I’d Neuter the fucking lot of them.


  • There’s ONE Pollo Loco within 100 miles of the city…thanks for the awesome update Lou!

  • To the unemployed people for whom a free meal from KFC means something: I hope you got your grub on.

    To the rest of you wankers waiting in that line: you are a collective disgrace to the human race.

  • Correction…it was free with a coupon?

    I’m not sure if that makes it ok or worse.

  • I wish there was a Pollo Loco near here! Now that’s some good grilled chicken…

    @DDR – The economy could be stellar right now and there would still be lines. It’s free food given out by Oprah…

  • Free and long lines go together.
    regardless of economy, they could be giving out condoms
    and they’d still be an elderly woman waiting on line for them.
    I see it every summer at the health fairs. Condom, personal lube and a safe sex booklet.

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