An Inside Look at Papa Perrone’s Grease Truck Special

Papa Perrone's

Gee, do you think Midtown Lunch’ers would be interested in a truck that sells sandwiches modeled after the Rutgers grease trucks?  Uh… I’d say so.  Papa Perrone (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) answered the call of the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge yesterday by serving up a chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and french fries sandwich with marinara- a well known combo made famous by the Rutgers grease Trucks.  I showed up just after Noon to get mine (knowing that if Papa Perrone only had enough mozzarella sticks and french fries for 20 sandwiches, these things were going to run out fast.)

Papa Perrone's

At $7 it’s tough to argue with the price, and the sandwich was as much of a mess as you would imagine.  I’ve actually never had a sandwich from the grease trucks (I just knew I wanted one from the description), so I have no basis for comparison.  But I think Lunch’er Kevin was right on in the comments:

Chicken fingers is basically the same chicken he uses in the chicken parm. He puts 2 big pieces in the 10 inch hero. I happen to like his chicken parm dishes so I thought it was good. French fries are crinkle cut and still had crispness to it. Mozz sticks were your standard fanfare, but good nonetheless. To finish it off Papa Perrone’s own marinara sauce.

The end verdict was it tasted exactly like what you think it would. A blend of its components depending on what you got within each bite. Surprisingly, the sandwich wasn’t greasy or heavy by any means. Was I blown away by it? No. Would I go for it again, absolutely. I think JP needs to throw this on some garlic bread to bring it up a few notches. That would definitely add a different component to it.

Papa Perrone's

The only thing I would disagree with was the fries. Mine were pretty soggy (as you can imagine) and kind of mealy (the way you would expect frozen crinkle cut fries would be.) I would have also liked a higher mozzarella stick to rest-of-the-ingredients ratio. (What can I say? I love my mozzarella sticks.) If he put it on garlic bread it would definitely send it up another level… and I’m pretty sure all you would have to do is ask- now that he is willing to put any sandwich he serves on garlic bread (for an extra charge.)

I’m sure the OG sandwich from the Grease Trucks is better than this Midtown version… but whatever. I’ll take it. It’s a good freaking sandwich. And, apparently it was such a huge hit yesterday that the Papa Perrone truck will be offering the sandwich every Tuesday starting next week. Nice.

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  • As a Rutgers grad, let me tell you that the soggy fries is a constant complaint. Most of the time they stand no chance. You’ll get a much better result either when the trucks are slow, so they give more time for the fries to crisp, or by going to one of the places on Easton Ave that also serve them.

    P.S. The special Fat Tsunami from PJs is the greatest sandwich ever. Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, gyro meat, hot sauce, white sauce.

  • mmmmm, this place is great. i need to go back. the guy is really nice too. would be great if he starts making a fried calamari sammy for 8 bucks or less.

  • For those in New Jersey, I’ve tried the grease truck sandwhich many times and boy do they hit the spot. There’s a fat moon that comes with bacon and a fried egg! If you’re not into soggy fries there’s a chain called Stewart’s (same as soda), they sell the grease truck sandwhiches but they taste better, as they are made to order with freshly fried ingredients, slightly higher quality chicken fingers. You can also get a frosted glass mug with your favorite stewart’s soda, or take home a gallon that comes in a plastic container made to look like an old fashioned wooden keg. Great place.

  • Love the pic of the line. 12 Fat Bastids and a chick who will soon outweigh her boyfriend

  • The solution to the soggy fries dilemma is so simple I’m surprised no one has thought of it.

    Instead of traditional “prismic” shaped fries, just serve freshly fried potato chips. Crispness in every bite.

  • I have come to expect a pick of your cute baby on Friday. Don’t dissapoint!

  • I never cared if the fries were crisp. Its the fact that you’re getting fries on a sandwich that matters most.

  • What the hell ? I wrote that above post.

  • I hope he has enough for everyone on Tuesday. Right now, I’m not too impressed until I get my hands on a sandwich. ;-P

    More mozzarella sticks could offset those so-so crinkle-cut fries but why not load it with mozzarella on top of the marinara, then perhaps more delicious grease to that bad boy. Hmmmm, I wanna see a chicken parm hero stuffed with fries and mozzarella sticks. Haha.

  • I was told never to eat from a grease truck sober. That’s like running a black light over hotel sheets.

  • That’s it…I am going to have to make a special trip next tuesday to compare….

  • Wayne, bring one over tonight, ok sweet cheeks?

  • I’ll be there on Tuesday ready to cock n’ roll.

  • Great picture Zach. Looks exactly like the clientele you’d expect on line for a “grease truck”.

  • I am noticing now that the “write a comment” section is pre-filled-in with the name of the last commenter displayed above the section rather than my own name. This is a recent development – previously, it always remembered who I am. I use Firefox.

  • That happens, not sure why Fred. But i’ve noticed it for over a year now. Someone even posted as me by accident once.

  • Sounds like theres going to even a bigger monster line on Tuesday. Better queue up even earlier!

    @ Zack, my fries had crispness to it for crinkle cut fries, but most definitely mealy. Its almost an oxymoron now that I think about it. My ratio of Mozz sticks to everything else was pretty good. I dont think theres any science to it, just really luck of the draw. Either way look forward to having this bad boy on garlic bread if it isnt sold out by 12:15 (yes, I know. I probably just added another 10 people to line up by noon).

  • I like this truck and would like to try the sandwich but every time I go there the service is very slow.

  • New Guy: the Stewart’s in East Brunswick is owned by the guy that owns Jimmy’s grill and the grease trucks in New Brunswick. That’s why they have Fat sandwiches. No other Stewarts has them

  • A real grease truck in midtown would be a great idea for someone looking to start a small business…..

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