New Pizza Truck Serving Up Artichoke Pie in Midtown

Papa Peronne's Pizza Truck

Last Friday I told you that Papa Perrone’s, the new pizza truck parked on 55th btw. Madison & Park, was going to be serving their special artichoke pie on Monday.  Well I went and checked it out, and it turns out artichoke pie is literally artichoke pie.  Not pizza, but pie- like a quiche (but not as lame.)

Papa Peronne's Pizza Truck

As first I was a little disappointed puzzled by the whole thing.  I thought I was getting a slice, and ended up with a little tin foil package.  Of course that didn’t stop me from eating the thing, and after one bite, there was really only one thing to say: “Welcome to the neighborhood!”  Mozzarella, artichokes, and little chunks of pepperoni baked in a pie crust.  For $2.50 it’s a steal.

Pranzo Pizza Truck (the last truck to take on the famous Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck) was such a big disappointment, I had pretty low expectations for Papa Perrone’s- but after trying their artichoke pie and rice balls, I can honestly say I think this little guy is going to make it.  Especially if he starts serving the artichoke pie every day.

A shot of the rice ball after the jump… 

Papa Peronne's Pizza Truck

They’re smaller than the Jiannetto’s arancini, but equally tasty (as far as I can remember… it’s been awhile since I rice-balled it up at the Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck.)  Filled with ground beef and ground sausage, the whole thing comes topped with a homemade sauce, all for $4.  There is also a vegetarian version stuffed with spinach.  I haven’t tried the pizza yet, but the truck claims it’s the same slice you get at Jiannetto’s.  Truthfully, between the artichoke pie (which is only available on certain days, and sells out pretty quickly) and the rice balls, I don’t know if I’ll ever need to try the pizza.  The fried meatballs on the other hand…

Want to read more about the artichoke pie (and its origins) check out this piece posted by Blondie and Brownie.  And if you want more info about Papa Perrone’s, they have a website.

Papa Perrone’s, 55th St. btw. Mad+Park, 917.880.1432


  • Speaking of Artichoke and pizza, there are few places in Manhattan better than Artichoke Basille’s done on 14th bet 1st and 2nd. The artichoke slice there is a sight to behold.

  • are you kidding? this pizza truck’s pizza is godawful…its like ragu on a cracker with grated cheese…im actually totally serious about that description

  • Anyone know their hours (if they have official ones, that is)? I went by at about 3:00 yesterday, but no truck. Thanks for the write-up Zach!

  • Anon, sounds like you are a cracker… case tyou dont know this is the heir to the DiFara Pizza empire, trying out new receipes and ideas on the truck…soryt of like a focus group thing he is doing…you just dont GET IT!

  • I have never heard of this Artichoke Basil place Vishal is talking about.

  • I got so excited when I read the headline, thinking it would be like Artichoke Basille’s. Oh well. Artichoke Basille makes a great artichoke pie. It’s like eating artichoke dip! Too bad they’re not open for lunch and it’s kinda far from Midtown.

  • Vishal, i know the place you are talking about.
    There was tons of blog-hype about it, but I went there once and was totally disappointed. Its not that it wasn’t good, but it just wasn’t good enough to warrant all the hype it got.

    Also, I don’t like long lines and they always have one.
    I live 2 blocks away and have yet to go back.

  • Not a fan of artichoke dip, so I have not been excited about Bastille’s pie, all reviews describe it as dip like, which sounds gross to me.

    That said, it’s hyped up to the limit. Tons of chowhound threads, NYMag & TimeOut write ups…. bleh, I bet the place is so packed and over extended that they don’t even make a decent slice anymore, just like Grimaldi’s (soggiest pie I’ve ever had)

  • Mamacita, it would be packed, if they were ever open. Apparently, they are one of the only establishments in Manhattan that doesn’t need regular operating hours. Even my speakeasy has regular hours!!!

  • Yeah, you just don’t GET IT!

  • E24m, the guy told me he’s going to be there from 10 to 3 every day, and based on a couple weeks’ sample size (the truck is right outside my office), that’s pretty accurate. Artichoke pie sold out right before I got there around 1 on Monday, but he still had rice balls.

  • I have eaten both Difara’s and Artichoke Basille’s regular slices. That is the point of comparison (not the artichoke slice which kinda sucks) and in my opinion it is the only slice in Manhattan that comes anywhere near Difara’s muy delicioso slices. But It really pisses me off that the last 4 times I went by to grab one they were F-ing closed in the middle of the day. I actually recently had a Difara’s slice when I should have been at the Street Meat Palooza, my job sends me to very odd sections of Brooklyn a few days a week and I ended up running super late for Lunch. :( so sad I missed it!!

  • How about Pizza Hut…now thats a good pie!!!

    Im going to be at the truck at 12:15…pizza is on me for whoever shows up and mentions this blog

  • Done!

  • Out of curiosity, to those that like the plain slice at artichoke’s on 14th street…
    What is it about their slice that you like so much ?

    I live so close that I will inevitably try it again and give it a second chance to redeem itself.

  • Very dissappointed ran late of the 12:15 offer of free pizza but got there at 1:10 and the pizza truck was out of riceballs and the artichoke pie :(. What I did try were their meatballs which were excellent…
    @Neil: regarding the artichoke’s reg slice I loved the thin slightly burnt crust, great sauce with hints of fresh basil and a sweet tinge.

  • Skeater, where do you work, maybe we can be friends…would you like to gets some rads?

  • Blondie, you don’t read Adam Kuban’s slice blog enough.

  • Paul, i was kidding. I am a big fan and have great respect for Adam and the services he does on the world wide web. I just don’t think i will ever, ever understand the hype around a pizza shop, that A) only serves three kinds of pie, B) has no where to sit (I’m sure the neighbors enjoy the people sitting on their steps), and C) doesn’t respect its customers enough to have regular hours. I don’t mind a mom and pop place that closes for 10 minutes while the only worker goes out to get some lunch, but they go way beyond that, where it has literally become hit or miss with whether or not they’ll be open. If Dom DeMarco can show up to work on time, than those cats can too.

  • There There Blondie I agree 100%(Dom’s a Pizza god)… I actually took a trip to Artichoke after work yesterday and was a bit disappointed. As I arrived I found it open with no line so a big smile ensued. I quickly ordered an artichoke and regular slice to see if they had changed at all. I couldn’t even finish the artichoke slice, it tastes basically like store bought spinach/artichoke dip placed on a crust and thrown in the oven with a couple pieces of whole artichoke thrown in for good measure (nothing special). I ate the regular and it had almost all the great attributes I remembered, except the crust was a bit thicker which was still tasty but changed the dynamic of the slice I had come to know and truly love. Since I saw a pie come out moments later with a thinner crust I will assume this was an anomaly.
    P.S. Rads that “want to come gets some Rads” comment was a little creepy.

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