The Daily Show Should Visit the Kwik Meal Obama Cart

I’ve seen a lot written about that fried chicken restaurant named after our President, but what about our beloved Kwik Meal owned street meat cart “Meal Obama” (on 37th & 7th)?  It seems to me this would be the perfect place for the Daily Show to visit, don’t you think?  And we already know that they are into the street meat.  Anybody know anybody who knows anybody who works on the Daily Show?  Forward this along.  If it worked on Usain Bolt, maybe it would work on Jon Stewart right?

Kwik Meal Names New Cart After (Irish?) President Obama
Hallo Berlin Mentioned on the Daily Show
Gold Medalist Usain Bolt Visits the Jamaican Dutchy Cart!


  • Found this and instantly was attracted to it. I’ve been to countless Halal carts in Queens but never to any Midtown.

    My thoughts?

    The Lamb had subtle flavors and woked out very well over their rice which was better than average. I’m impressed by their sour-cream based white sauce as it was very cool and flavored well.

    Their salad was crap. Way too much vinegar for my taste.

  • No way, I go there for lunch and I don’t want the lines like at the other carts!

  • Jenn, I bet you could cut the line by walking under the little blackboard sign

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