Hallo Berlin Mentioned on the Daily Show

Brian Williams was on the Daily Show last night, and during his interview Jon Stewart casually referenced Hallo Berlin, the German Restaurant on 10th Ave. whose famous cart parks on 54th and 5th Ave. So random! They were also making fun of Twitter, so you guys should like this one.

The video is after the jump, and the mention is about 6 minutes into the clip…


  • Ah, news jockeys, fake & real. The few whose babble make food bloggers look good. At least they nailed twitter right.

    The Hallo Berlin reference came from Ich bin ein Berliner, Kennedy’s famous claim to Germans that he is a donut (since disputed).

    mmmmm german donuts

  • Also, the Hallo Berlin on 10th is right up the street from the studio where they film.

  • Also, Jon Stewart is not funny….. *ducks*

  • I had a feeling Brian Williams loved some sausage-time.

  • And he owes us an apology for the election (and the coming depression)

    *ducks behind Al*

  • Opps, just actually saw the vid. Change that to Jon Stewart loves his sausage.

  • 2:40 pm, Zach. Rudy has his jammies on but can’t go sleepytime until you post M’s bar review.

    Word is Anastasia gets all the fries this week

  • Your constant flattery has no effect on me. I am immune to your cadish ways. Unless, of course, you’re buying.

  • Mamacita didn’t mention my standing offer to subsidize an ENTIRE bar review drinkfest ?

    She must want to keep me all to herself

  • She thinks of you as a french fry.

  • Excellent – you two can fight over who gets the last bite

  • I heard that last night and wondered if I heard right. Nice mention of Hallo Berlin, though only a handful of people probably understood it.

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