At Lunch Now: Birthday Splurge at Anthos


So it’s my birthday today, but I am forgoing my annual “go to a by the pound chinese buffet and eat with reckless abandon” birthday meal to have a fancy pants lunch with the wife (and baby).  I suppose once a year it’s ok to spend a little more than $10 on lunch… especially if it’s at Anthos.  (Awwww yeah lamb burger!) I feel a little bad being here with the baby in the stroller, but he’s being pretty well behaved.  Too bad the lady next to us doesn’t think so. I apologized, and felt really bad until I watched her scrape the beautifully seared crispy brown crust off top of her fish, and only eat the inside.  There should be a freakin’ law.  You know what lady… eating lunch next to my kid’s stroller didn’t ruin your lunch, you ruined your lunch!

Ah… whatever. Your birthday is just once a year! What are you gonna do…

My Lamb Burger Plea to Michael Psilakis


  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday Zach! It was mine last week! I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a cupcake from ‘wichcraft! Yaay Aries!

  • Let me be one of the first to comment “Happy Birthday!!” Considering your intake of lard and fried food surpasses 10 times the national average, make sure to savour this day. (then again, i probably shouldn’t talk.. if i had a deep-frier at probably fry my own hand and eat it.. i mean, come on.. it’s fried!! yum!!!) Seriously, all the best.

  • Happy B’day!

    You should of given harry salad and soda…..waited 5 minutes then have him do a psychadelic Yodel on the bitch.

  • Happy B-day!! Let’s hear it for us Aries-babies!! The BF had his yesterday, we went to have BBQ at Fette Sau. The pulled pork was greasy and delicious, but listen to the reviews, the sauces on the side were retched. Really really bad. Bring you’re own vinegar or bbq sauce people!

    As for your lunch, I’ve been at lunch with you and the baby, he’s sooo well behaved. Screw that lady. Who doesn’t eat the crispy salty flavorful crust off their fish???? There should be a law!

  • An awful lot of greens and veg on that plate, which I presume, was left behind? Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday! have a good one :)

  • Happy Birthday!

  • To hell with the babyhaters.

  • Happy Birthday, Zach!!! And people who get massively annoyed at relatively well-behaved children in restaurants need to get over it. Foodie babies need to get their lamb burgers too, you know!

  • happy Birthday! a pic of the lady giving innocent harry the evil eye woulda been classic.

  • Happy Birthday!! Great call on a midtown birthday lunch, it looks awesome!

  • happy b-day, zach. i hope you withdrew your apology and told that lady to f-off!

  • Shouldn’t you be with the rest of the breeders, in Park Slope? ha ha Happy Birthday. Go queue for a cupcake.

  • Happy b’day.

  • Don’t queue for the cupcake…enjoy Anthos’ desserts.

    As for the baby, I brought both of my kids to restaurants during those times in their infancy when they could be counted upon to snooze or coo and smile. More power to you.

    Happy birthday!

  • Ok…enough of this..

    Bloody Pub review.

  • Mazol

  • How much did that come to? I got tricked into going to Burger Heaven and probably ended up paying more — sigh.

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