My Lamb Burger Plea to Michael Psilakis

Lamb Burger 

Michael Psilakis’ lamb burger at the Bon Appetit Pop Up Cafe and Supper Club fully lived up to expectations on Friday.  $10 for the burger and fries was easily the best deal of the week (if you got there just before Noon and didn’t have to wait a half hour in line); and the burger was pretty awesome (if you like the spices you’d find in a kofta kebab).  Greasy in the best possible way, not dry at all, and perfectly complemented by the roasted red pepper/feta spread.  So I was pretty excited to discover that Psilakis serves this at his upscale Greek restaurant Anthos (on 52nd btw. 5+6th)… and doubly disappointed to discover it costs $20 (or $28 as part of the prix fixe lunch deal.)

Come on man- can’t you throw us Midtown Luncher’s a bone? I understand Anthos is a super expensive restaurant, and you’ve got to pay the bills… but what about a bar deal?  Or a take out deal!?!  $10 lamb burger (with a small handful of fries), available for take out only.  Even if it’s only one day a week… I’ll take it!  Need… lamb… burger.  So good… but not worth $20.  Sorry, I’m a cheap bastard. Hook us up Psilakis!


  • what’s up with the fries in the back? any good?

  • I almost went for the lamb burger on friday, but decided $5 bucks for some streetmeat was a better idea.

  • I did the burger at Anthos, made a reservation and everything and I gotta say: Worth every penny. It comes with these amazing fries and some very interesting pickles. Not something I would do more than a few times a year but if you have an excuse for the occasion, it is worth it. Though I cant speak for anything else on their menu, which is all super expensive.

  • oh man, that burger was awesome. i want to eat it everyday.

  • A lamb burger it is not, but this is a tasty and cheap alternative. I added a dash of Worcestershire to my meat for an extra zip.

  • Michael Psilakis is great in Greek traditional dishes. However, my mouth is watering by looking at this Burger.

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