Top Chef Winner is Midtown Lunch’ing Right Now

About 30 minutes ago I spotted Hosea, the winner of the latest season of Top Chef, strolling up 5th Ave. toward the Apple Store. Channeling Gary Vaynerchuk, I stopped him to “hustle” a bit for Midtown Lunch (urgh, I seriously hate myself and don’t know what made me do it.) He in turn asked me for a lunch rec near 53rd and 5th where he could sit down and answer emails. The “sitting down” part ruled out some good street meat, so I suggested that if he wanted to “Top Chef” it up, he should get the lamb burger at Anthos (he can afford it, right!) on 52nd btw. 5+6th, and if he wanted to slum with the Midtown Lunchers he should go to Five Guys (on 55th btw. 5+6th). Don’t know which one he chose, but if there are any Top Chef stalkers out there you may still be able to catch him…

Update from “Sam” in the Comments: “I saw him coming out of BLT Steak”



  • That’s pretty cool. Still, Carla should have won. :)

  • chicken and rice at 53rd and 6th! he can sit down at the fountain

  • God, let’s hope they bleached the table down after he ate. His onging tryst with “Leah” is deeply disturbing to me.

  • I agree, Harry!

  • speaking of stalking, you just knew DocChuck would have to comment on this particular post, eh?

  • I saw him coming out of BLT Steak

  • he’s lame. not surprising.

  • He sucks. On a side note, while in DC this weekend, I saw Carla having Dim Sum with her family at Hollywood East Cafe. I resisted the urge to shout “Hootie.” Most importantly, the Dim Sum was decent (though unspectacular).

  • I KNOW WHAT HE CHOSE! I saw his ass at some midtown deli/cafe place holding his Apple Store bag looking totally ashamed he was in that place. Some place called Global Kitchen on 52nd between 6th and 5th. He should have gone to ‘wichcraft and said hi to Tom Colicchio.

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