FreeFoods’ Duck Reuben Extended, But Is the Quality Still There?

FreeFoods NYC Duck ReubenMore Sandwich Challenge News: As you know Friday is the last day for Certe’s Thanksgiving Dip, but FreeFoods NYC has decided to extend their Duck Pastrami Reuben into March.  Originally the sandwich was going to be a Feburary special but the response has been so great they’ve decided to keep it on the menu for the time being.  The real question is, is it the same sandwich I had 3 weeks ago?  A few commenters say no:

I had the opportunity to try this today [and] mine looks nothing like the picture. not pink and fatty duck, but dry, grayish, and liver-y tasting meat. duck, cheese, bread, cannot go wrong, but i have to say i was disappointed. and probably would go as far to say that if one goes to freefoods expecting it to look like the picture above, they’d be let down. the bread in one half of it was falling apart and for a few bites i was holding the duck itself. not sure if this is a trend or a few instances of negligence, but i’d say to anyone looking to try this sandwich to keep your expectations in check

There are definitely people who got sandwiches that looked like mine, but recently there have been a couple complaints like this one, and it corresponded with a rumor that FreeFoods was no longer making the sandwiches to order.  I emailed FreeFoods to make sure they were still making the same sandwich I got on day one, and the General Manager’s response is after the jump…

Our chef has instructed [the workers] not to pre make the sandwich, although the volume of the duck sandwiches selling is so large, in a small period of time, that in some instances, they were making a few to stay ahead during the rush. I’m disappointed that customer didn’t have the great experience others have had with that sandwich.  I’ve personally fixed the problem at both stores and made sure that only a few sandwiches are put together, just before lunch, and those are served right away, tested it myself and its perfect, though I don’t eat meat, I made an exception.

Awesome.  Are you happy now ML commenters?  After all your hard work, you finally got a vegetarian to eat meat.

FreeFoods Duck Pastrami Sandwich is a Triumph. A Freakin’ Expensive Triumph.


  • I just had it last Friday, and it was fantastic, just like the picture. Seems like maybe somebody doesn’t know how to make it… a bad employee? Maybe now that the warning is out, people should feel free make sure they get it made right. At 10 bucks, I wouldn’t feel bad complaining…

  • i mean – i had no problems with it being cooked to order, but my duck was waaaaay too peppery. It just overpowered the entire sandwich. I wasn’t a big fan of this one.

  • tried it last week and it also didn’t look as good as the picture

  • The one I had (the link shows the photo I took) was even bigger than Zach’s (in the main photo) – it was like a supersized duck bomb. It WAS very peppery, but I loved it even more because of it.

    It was a spicy meaty treat…kinda like Mamacita

  • I’ve had it twice now and both times it was a little dry and peppery, but I love it like that so no complaints from me!

  • Hello T-Shirts:

    “Midtown Lunch–Turning Vegetarians Into Carnivores!”

    Dude, you gotta sell these off the site!

  • This is one of my all time favorite anti-vegetarian shirts, but the above would be a worthy substitute…

  • Hitler was a Vegetarian.

  • that being said (about it not looking as good as pic), it still was damn tasty!

  • i had it for a second time last thursday and loved it.

  • Oh this is great news… I just checked and it is back on the seamless web menu. For the record- the pork loin sandwhich is really awesome there as well.. (though I only order from freefoods when working late and thus on the company dime) (with the exception of that awesome duck sammy.. man..)

  • I got it delivered via seamless web last night. It was tasty, but the duck was gray (though no liver-y taste like described in the post) and overly peppery without any hint of sweetness. Not what it looked like in the picture, but still good. I’m glad it was on the company dime though.

  • that highlighted comment was one i had made. maybe im glad that im the only one that got a faulty sandwich. gotta tell you guys though, i didnt finish it- i chucked the other half, which must fall under some sort of food felony (its pretty serious). i am the kind that would eat even, say, a walgreens sandwich. i’ve done 7-11 before, can walgreens really be such a far stretch…

  • i had one just an hour ago, they made it fresh and it was bigger than the one in the picture!!!
    that duck is sooooo amazing:)

  • I got one delivered via Seamlessweb for dinner earlier this week as well; it survived the delivery better than I’d expected and was damn tasty. I’m going to have to head over there to try it fresh in March.

  • Incredible! I’m sorry to hear there were problems at some point, but i guess thanks to this website, fellow lunchers speaking up, and effective management, it looks like everything is in order now.. cuz I finally had the sandwich today and it was fantastic!! There was even this side of some pickled onion (or something) served with it that added a perfectly salty touch. Honestly, the sandwich was worth every penny in its mountain-esq form and quality. Heck, even the service was nice and responsive. I know this goes outside my cheap-o nature (probably a requirement to trail in the shadow of the mighty Zach) but if they raise the price by a buck or so to maintain keeping it on the menu I’d still say it’s worth it.

    On a side note, and as a testament to the power and bonding of this site, I went with a friend and we coincidentally sat next to two other Midtown Lunch readers who were there just for the same reason of trying the reuben. We had a blast and shared a bunch of lunching experiences and ideas. One wisely pointed out that the only improvement to the sandwich would have been if they sold soda at the place (blah health food!!) as a good coke would have cute the duck fat just right. Regardless, good times had by all… more evidence that a Midtown Lunch Gathering/Festivial is in order!! Zach, get this together mon!! Heck bring the kid.. but if i see a napkin on ANY child’s head catching food droppings from your mouth, I’m calling Protective Services!! :>

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