Friday is the Last Day for the Thanksgiving Dip

If you’ve been putting off trying Certe’s entry in the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge (the Thanksgiving Dip), now is the time.  The turkey, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, and cornbread stuffing burrito will only be available through Friday (on 55th btw. 5+6th).


  • thanks for the heads up. Tried it today. It was ok. I wouldn’t eat it again though. I kind of got tired of the flavor towards the end. I was more interested in the free brownies by Certe’s front door today.

  • A delightful friend and I tried this today, and aside from the obvious use of microwaves, it was divine. They also told us to expect a new “midtown lunch sandwich” starting next month but the details were yet to be announced. Let’s hope they top themselves!

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