At Lunch Now: Schnipper’s Runs Out of Sloppy Joe’s

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (on 41st and 8th Ave. in the NYT Building) is officially open, and it’s already pretty crowded. Early reports are mixed, and they seem pretty disorganized- but what do you expect on day one? Its only fair to give them a few weeks to work out the kinks.

Most importantly I spotted two ladies partaking in the sloppy joe/mac and cheese combo- and despite looking like brown slop topped with yellow slop in a paper container (no bread), they both said it was
really good! Also looked small for $7 but to be honest I’m not sure how much of this stuff the body could take anyway. Unfortunately by the time I got in line to order (around 1:30pm), they were sold out of Sloppy Joe!  Terrible.  I ended up going to Go Go Curry for their new fish special.

Anybody else sample the Schnipper’s today? Feel free to comment below.


  • i was there. Food was decent. Actually quite good considering just opening. Im sure it will get better. Definitely recomend

  • They need to work out their ordering system. Food is decent but the place felt chaotic. I’ll still go back though.

  • What’s the verdict on the Go-Go fish?

  • food was good. above average. i had a hamburger and fries. co-workers had mac & cheese, blt and grilled cheese. everyone was happy. portions are on the small side. biggest downer was the milk shake conspiracy. they told me that they were no longer making milk shakes, yet the whole time i was there waiting for my order, there were guys making milk shakes…

  • Had the sloppy joe/mac&cheese as well. It was very good, although I was a little disappointed with the lack of a roll. Also portions were indeed a bit small. I’ll be trying again though for sure once it calms down a bit.

  • Wait so the sloppy joe was just the slop and no buns?

  • @Mamacita- The sloppy joe/mac and cheese combo doesn’t come on a bun. The sloppy joe itself, I’m not positive- but I think it does.

    At first I was concerned, like maybe it didn’t. But when I got up to the front of the line, I asked “Does the sloppy joe come on a bun, like a sandwich?” And I think she said “Yes, but we’re all out of sloppy joe’s.”

  • Zach–GO GO CURRY FISH report, please! (Seriously, there’s been no report on this anywhere yet.) The pork cutlet is awesome–is the fish a deserving alternative?

  • @Stevenp & El Rey del Midtown – the fish was not offensive (it’s tilapia), crunchy, and good- but there wasn’t alot of it for your $2. Next time I’ll stick with pork- or get the pork and add the fish for a $9 mega splurge. I’ll post the photo on Monday.

  • I was there around 3pm. I ordered a sloppy joe and the onion rings. My food was ready pretty fast. The sloppy joe was delicious and the thick cut onion rings were divine. I was surprised at the amount of tables they have. I felt like I was at Applebees or Olive Garden with their vibrating, light-up device to let me know when my food was ready for pick-up.
    I’m planning to make another trip there to try out all their burgers.

  • Isabelle Shill Von Schnipper has spoken.

  • They were inspected yesterday by the DOH and racked up a small number of points.


  • @Isabelle – I don’t know if feeling like you’re at Applebees or Olive Garden is a good thing, but I am surprised (and kind of bummed) to hear they made more.

    I practically begged the cashier to let me order… I’m surprised she didn’t just say “come back in an hour, we’re making more”

  • I showed up yesterday when they were still giving out free food. Yummy fish tacos teleported me to Southern California. Also enjoyed the Fig & Blue salad. Still think they’re working out some kinks but definitely a quality experience. I noticed other comments on portion sizes — I found everything to be reasonable (actually lot of fish in those tacos) but then again I’m no lumberjack. I will return for sure.

  • @Rudy McBagel — Calling me a “shill” — Thanks for giving me and my friends the laugh for the day. LOOL– I’m flattered that you think I work for them. I wish I did cuz then maybe I would make more than my lowly Barnes & Noble wage. Guess I’ll go back into my ML lurker position of more than a year.

  • Applesbees!! LOL Doc Chuck would be proud!

  • I was in town Sunday afternoon and figured I would stop by to check the place out. They were not even open…what’s up with that?

  • I just went there for lunch. Almost zero line, highly recommend the onion rings.

  • Been pretty amped up about this place…walking past everday for months… was a little discouraged today when I saw the week paper containers and the lofty prices…

    menu items are enticing though.

  • Been pretty amped up about this place…walking past everday for months… was a little discouraged today when I saw the weak paper containers and the lofty prices…

    menu items are enticing though.

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