Midtown Trucks Roll Out the Hot Stuff


With the temperature starting to dip down, it’s not surprising to see places rolling out the hot soups and warm specials for the winter.  Food trucks especially seem to be taking the lead… for example, Rickshaw Dumpling Truck just introduced Miso Soup to the menu.  You can get it alone for $3, or added to an order of dumplings as a the perfect side dish. 

In sweeter news, hot chocolate has returned to the Dessert Truck as a winter special, and the Treats Truck says they plan on adding their own hot chocolate very soon. Rickshaw & the Treats Truck are in Midtown today on 45th btw. 6+7th, and the Dessert Truck is in their normal spot on Park Ave. and 52nd.

But wait there’s more… chicken noodle soup (and homemade fudge) is after the jump.


I also walked by the Papa Perrone’s pizza truck yesterday on 55th btw. Park+Mad (it’s been awhile) and saw that they’ve added a chicken noodle soup to the menu.  This in addition to their gut-warming artichoke pie (usually only available at the beginning of the week), rice balls, meatballs, and baked ziti.  The owner also let me know that on Monday he’ll be selling fudge and chocolate bark, homemade by his Mom for the holidays!  (How sweet is that?)  I think I will definitely have to hit that up…

Got some more hot stuff to recommend?  Post it in the comments, or email me at zach@midtownlunch.com


  • Thanks for the Papa Perrone’s tip…that’s on my work block…think i’m gonna grab me some soup today.

  • Has anyone had the Dessert or Treats Truck hot chocolate? How is it? Is there a good source for thick-style hot chocolate in (lower) midtown?

  • Three dollars for miso soup? For real? How big a container is it?

  • I agree with Ian. There had better be flakes of gold floating in it for THAT price!

  • I’m glad someone else complained about the price since I’m always bellyaching on price or portion size. Miso soup. 3 bucks. Does not compute.

  • People who eat at Rickshaws are tools.

  • Desert Truck’s hot chocolate is very thick and very delicious. It’s not new tho, they have had it for over a month already i think

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