Ying Du Gets the DOH


Alright.  We get it.  The best fast food chinese places in Midtown are dirty.  It’s ok.  WE DON’T MIND. Right?  I found this sad scene at Ying Du yesterday (on 38th btw. 7+8th) one of my favorite chinese places in Midtown.  It was certainly not a surprising sight (we all know it’s dirty), but it’s still kind of upsetting. Anybody who eats at Ying Du (or Hing Won for that matter) kind of knows what they’re in for.  We’re adults. Maybe we should move to the L.A. system of putting letter grades in the windows. If you are clean, you get a big A.  If you’re not, you get a B or a C (actually, I don’t know if I ever saw a C).  Then, let the consumer decide.  “How much of a risk do I really want to take eating lunch at this place?”  I guess what I’m saying is, can’t the Department of Health just let Ying Du be? Unless there was evidence of roaches in the food area.  Were there roaches? That’s just gross.


  • My Academic Credentials are: Assoc., Electrical Engineering; B.S. Ed. – Univ. of Houston; M.Ed. – Univ. of Houston; Ed.D. – Univ. of Houston; Ph.D. – Univ. of Texas. Visiting Professsor: (1) University of Alaska, (2) College of the Bahamas, (3) Arkansas State University.

    Should that excite you.

  • I do know that DocChuck finds my random *TWITCH* twitches (while I am as always esconced snugly within his massive, venereal-sore-covered buttocks — there’s no place like home) exciting. Mr Wiggles is *TWITCH* quite jealous of this, although I have not seen him since the tragic accident during a training session at the wife’s pet laser hair *TWITCH* removal parlor. If the wife suggests they go out for Korean tonight, I’ll know what’s up for sure.

  • …and don’t forget…..(like I just did)…..I will gladly bite your nuts off

  • It’s called leap of faith. When you go to any of the ethnic spots in the garment district, you take it. Arkansas horse farm is one of my favorite internet memes..

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