How To Defuse (or Diffuse) A Steak & Cheese Grease Bomb


A heavenly match has been created on 3rd Avenue btw. 34+35th Streets. What better way to counteract the effects of a Carl’s cheesesteak grease bomb than with Red Mango. Yes, I admit it- I like Red Mango. (Pinkberry can screw off, though.) You may say the secret ingredient is Cap’n Crunch. (Trust me, it’s freaking good.) And it has been proven in a study that yogurt cultures, mixed with peanut butter cereal, will help aid in the digestion of red meat and cheese. You can’t argue with science.*

* Not proven by any actual scientific study.


  • I cant imagine there are many pleasant Calcutta summer memories, lol. Anything that women in obnoxious sunglasses queue up for cant be that good..

  • Oh, hell, no, I never queue up for anything (except the Dark Knight). I only go into Red Mango when nobody else is there.

    And there are many, many pleasant Calcutta summer memories. ;) They have surprisingly fabulous food and lotsa good times in the Black Hole.

  • MALA—just promise us you’ll stay away from the lobster-flavored fro-yo… it’s a killer!! ;>

  • Gross – Red Mango is nasty. I’ve never tasted anything so bad. Completely overrated and what a ripoff!!

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