How To Defuse (or Diffuse) A Steak & Cheese Grease Bomb


A heavenly match has been created on 3rd Avenue btw. 34+35th Streets. What better way to counteract the effects of a Carl’s cheesesteak grease bomb than with Red Mango. Yes, I admit it- I like Red Mango. (Pinkberry can screw off, though.) You may say the secret ingredient is Cap’n Crunch. (Trust me, it’s freaking good.) And it has been proven in a study that yogurt cultures, mixed with peanut butter cereal, will help aid in the digestion of red meat and cheese. You can’t argue with science.*

* Not proven by any actual scientific study.



  • I had red mango for the first time this past weekend in flushing. It was alot better than I was expecting, and is way better than ice-cream calorie wise. taste’s great and fills you up. that said, I’m alittle confused about the pricing of the toppings. Red Mango says 1 topping is 1 dollar, 2 is 1.25 and 3 is 1.50, so I asked if it was 1.50 per topping if you get 3, the cashier said yes, so 3 toppings adds 4.50?? a little scoop of oranges, mangos and strawberries would set you back 4.50? I could get an entire orange, 1lb of strawberries and an entire mango for that kind of money. maybe next time I’ll just bring my own fruits.

  • I had Karl’s cheesesteaks delivered over the weekend! Not only did it take forever (over an hour) but the sandwiches were pretty skimpy…good mind you, but skimpy! Not like a real Philly Cheesesteak!

  • its 1.50 for three toppings.

    also pinkberry has capn crunch too! the real secret ingredient is mochi, which is amazing when combined with the tanginess of pinkberry. red mango is too mild and melts too fast for me

  • AL@1PP: the cashier was probably confused. The topping prices are 1 topping for $1, 2 toppings for a total of $1.25 and 3 toppings for a total of $1.50 extra. The best deal is to get 3 toppings at an avg price of $0.5/topping.

  • So what flavor combos are recommended by everyone? I never had Red Mangoes… or Carl’s for that matter…

  • re: the headline–you “defuse” a bomb, making it harmless or less dangerous. “Diffuse” means, roughly, to spread out or dilute. They’re two entirely different words (and a bit of a pet peeve of mine, admittedly).

  • @stevenp – from the sounds of it, both words work for this situation :-)

    i’ll change it though… (i clearly know nothing about nothing)

  • I took it as a pretty clever play on words, diluting the grease with froyo.

    Personally I think beer works better, maybe not with the diffusing but if you have enough who really cares?

  • Yes. What bossman said. I am a clever genius!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s a fine line between brilliance and madness ;-)

  • AWFUL and for $4.28 for a small!?!? RIPOFF

  • The froyo definitely would work better than beer. (Just as it does after eating buffalo wings!) The danger with trying beer lies in possibly not drinking enough to not care…. (I think that makes sense.)

  • ah, thanks anon, 4.50 did seem to be alittle steep for some extra fruits.

  • Stevenp,if we want to be perdantic,buffalo don’t have wings either.

    Trying to Defuse the tension with levity there, notice that Mamacita?


    ……Or as Lou would have ‘LOL’

  • red mango doesn’t have the corn syrup-derived ingredients in it that pinkberry has. if you’re topping it w/cap’n crunch, you might not care, but ya know, if you can eat a LITTLE less corn syrup and artificial color, why not?

  • Any here I’ve been chugging prune juice and getting coffee enemas after cheesesteaks all these years

    Red Mango sounds almost as good

  • You should try the cheesesteaks at D&D on 56th st, no digestive stimulants required.

  • I love Red Mango! I go there once a week now and just get a small regular fro-yo with mango on top…takes me right back to summers in Calcutta as a kid.

  • Wait…….. is that an endorsement?

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