Breaking News: Crisp Unveiled & Open for Business

Crisp is Open
Photo by Kayoko from Umamimart

The plywood has come down at Crisp, the- not as generic as I expected it to be- sandwich/salad place, on 3rd Ave. & 43rd, and they are open for business.  Far from being another Chop’t or Just Salads, the all vegetarian menu (which can be seen on their now live website) consists of salads (of course), pita pocket sandwiches, hummus bowls, and a nice selection of homemade teas.  It’s typical Midtown prices, with everything on the menu ranging from $6 to $10.75, but a few things on their website stand out enough for me to want to check it out:

  • Their pita breads are baked from scratch every few hours on premises
  • Their fresh made teas sound really good (with flavors like lychee, ginger/peach, & apple mango)
  • Some of the ingredients they use in the sandwiches I could be down with… like mango curry, eggplant, goat cheese, and pomegranate dressing
  • I won’t eat salads, but a hummus bowl with mango curry or roasted eggplant sounds pretty damn good
  • Everything they serve is organic, when possible, and always delivered fresh daily.  Plus they change their oil every 24 hours, and they only use eco-friendly, recycled materials

Is there potential for anger and disappointment?  Of course, but I can’t help but get excited when new places open in Midtown, and this one looks alot more promising than we initially gave it credit for.  Full +/- coming soon… and for you early adopters who can’t wait to check it out, please post your thoughts in the comments.

Crisp, 684 3rd Ave. (btw. 43+44th), 212-661-0000

Official Website:


  • WTF is a ‘handbag’ sandwich? Like for chicks? The size of a purse? You guys know I’m totally down with the rabbit food but this perplexes and frightens me. Also I *really* like hummus but the idea of a whole bowl of it kind of makes me retch.

  • Hmm, Crisp or a free McD’s chicken sandwich that may or may not satisfy my craving for Chick-Fil-A? Tough one.

  • Crisp will have to wait till tommorrow.

    Iced Coffee till i puke !

  • This place – NO WAY. The only thing that looks half way appealing on the menu is the middle eastern mayo (hummus). Other than that I won’t go near this place. I would potentially do a falafel sandwich but they don’t even offer that. When will vegetarians learn, if they want non vegetarians to eat with them they have to offer something – ie if you are not serving meat you better have something deep fried.

  • I can only surmise from experiance with the present Mrs Mc that a handbag sandwich would contain a piece of gum wrapped in tissue, a 6 year old cell phone kept because its the one I 1st called her on(awww) a spare key to an appartment she sold 8 years ago and a single .38sp round from her gun fettish whilst working in Texas.

  • Actually their gimmick is that “crisp” really means falafel and is in every sandwich you see listed (their website doesn’t note that anywhere and I suggested to the owner that they point that out). Overall, I had a very fresh and hearty, albeit overpriced, pita sandwich.

  • A co-worker went and said it was good.

  • oh in that case I get it pita = pocket = handbag. THAT is some free association there. And the crisp thing is hilarious/nuts. Its like their entire menu was written by stoned art school girls. Actually… maybe *I* should work for that advertising agency.

  • Yes, this is place is actually a FALAFEL place. The sandwiches all have falafel in it, but there are different varieties and toppings. They were giving out free falafels to anyone who stopped in or was waiting. They are pretty good. The sandwiches, while expensive, are quite large and filling. I had a “Mexican” falafel with corn, salsa, beans and tortilla chips and it was actually pretty good. You should probably ask for extra sauce though.

    The place is pretty clean and friendly. The gimmick falafel is an interesting concept. BTW, all the hummus bowls also have falafel in them.

  • Extremely fresh! I got a hummus bowl and once I opened it up, I was upset at the size because it looked like nothing compared to the sandwich, which was pretty much the same price, but I still liked my food and was satisfied.

  • When I saw the name of this place I was very surprised, since that is my last name. That is not a very popular name at all, I work right across the street and I’m going to check it out, besides i’m curious to know who owns it.

  • I love the freshness of everything! Since the hummus, pita and falafals are prepared everyday fresh, the taste is amazing. I did not mind paying a bit more for the innovative packaging which helps to hold my sandwhich in place and also for their eco friendly, bio-degradable products.
    Overall, I was very happy

  • M – I call you out as a shill.

    I’m happy to hear of another veggie place – will give it a shot next week.

  • Had a Mexican there yesterday – very, very good. ‘Crisps’ are the least greasy deep fried falafel I’ve ever had (and my wife’s a veggie, so I’ve had plenty) – except for the taste, you’d think it was baked. Also agree that it’s a large and filling sandwich… nothing bad to say about it.

  • M is a shill in the most shameless of fashions. Also Crisp is an *awesome* last name.

  • I went to this place yesterday – thought the Athenian was really good – and today I brought a co-worker over she liked it too. I could have sworn that they had salads but when I asked they didn’t have any. The menu needs to expand/evolve a bit but I think its a good start. They look to be in for the long haul as the owners signed a 7 year rental agreement at around $200 grand a year. That’s a lot of pitas.

    The falafel has some sort of weird almost perfume like after taste that I can’t quite figure out. If anyone can, please post.

  • I went to Crisp today for lunch and it was SO delicious. It’s too expensive to go more than once a week on my publishing-salary-budget, but I am definitely now factoring this place into my weekly rotation.
    I think the falafels are baked- they taste kind of like the Chickpea (on 14th street) falafel did before they got weird (if you go there with any regularity, you probablyknow what I mean). The falafels are tasty and herbacious- they are also very natural tasting without being too hard or gritty. A delicate balance!
    I had the Mexican which was really filling- definitely not rabbit food! Their packaging is also really interesting, as the boxes they put the sandwiches in are built so that the top part tears away and you use the bottom as a sandwich holder. Ingenious!
    I cannot resist a good iced tea, and theirs is (now that I know about it) the best in the neighborhood. It’s steap (tea pun intended) at 2.75, but hard to resist because the teas have been specifically blended to be paired with the different sandwiches and hummus bowls! Yowza.
    Also, this is probably the best pita bread I’ve ever had. Fresh, warm, soft and just so… delicious. I would go back there for the pita alone.

  • Had a try @ Crisp. The food verry interesting.. better then most of the falaffel places I have tried. Found this excerp in a dictionary…” crisp:(esp. of food) firm and fresh; not soft or wilted: a crisp leaf of lettuce.”
    So standing up in some seriously inventive packaging “firm and fresh” stood my Mexican.
    Next time I go I am hoping to see some Stoned Art Schoolgirls singing Hallelujah outside.

  • the weird after taste is cilantro seeds, I love that flavor

  • what a healthy choice at last for me. Taste healthy, looks healthy and never had a falafel sanwich like Crisp’s. If health is wealth, that is the place to get healthy food. I will recommend to order for our lunch during our staffs monthly meeting. I will be there every Tuesday and Thursday for my lunch. Good job guys and i am really impressed.

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