FREE FOOD ALERT: Volstead to Offer Free Tuesday Lunch to All Midtown Lunch Readers

This is not a joke.  I got an email this morning saying that The Volstead, a newish restaurant on 54th btw. Park+Lex, known for their after work bar scene, is offering free lunch to all Midtown Lunch readers every Tuesday in the month of May.  This place is so not a Midtown Lunch (in both price and set up), but it’s free- and they have sandwiches, salads, sliders, burgers, and a lobster roll.  Yes, a lobster roll… and it’s free (although lord how long it will be before those run out!).  I spoke to owner Matt Wagman, who sent the email, to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into (we are very fat, and there are alot of us), and he not only assured me he did, but that it wasn’t a gimmick.  He just wants more people to know about their lunch menu, and figured this was a good way to do it.  (What was it they said about gift horses?) 

And now for the supprisingly non-restrictive fine print:  Limit one entree from the lunch menu, and one non-alcoholic beverage per person (and they assured me that if tables wanted to sample one or two of their appetizers, they would be allowed to do that as well).  Believe me, I’m as a surprised as you are.

Lunch is between 11:30am and 2:30pm and reservations are recommended… so if you don’t want to leave it to chance you can actually book a reservation for your free lunch.  (Walk-ins are accepted, space permitting, but no take out orders and no doggie bags- for obvious reasons.)  Click here to check out the menu.  To make a reservation, call 212 583-0411.  Available every Tuesday between now and the end of May (2008).  Oh and I’m not too concerned about this being a bait and switch… Matt reads the site and knows what happens to places that screw us over on free food days!

The Volstead, 125 E 54th St. (btw. Park+Lex), 212-583-0411


  • Hope for the Owner this works out.

    Hell hath no fury as MT luncher turned away.

  • so what, is that Ironman technology here yet? i need to fly yo.

  • by that i mean, 54th btw Park and Lex is really far away..

  • Made a reservation for next tuesday for me and 2 co-workers.
    hope someone goes tomorrow to give a report.

  • Hungry and Cheap, did they say anything about the Midtown Lunch promotion (or did you mention it)? I made a reservation for tomorrow afternoon, but no one mentioned anything so now I’m getting worried that this is a hoax…

  • I made a reservation for tomorrow and they mentioned the lunch special, so it’s not a hoax. Hopefully I’ll be able to go tomorrow and check it out.

  • can you get the lunch via take-out or is it dine-in only

  • Sorry, I thought I had written “No takeout, no doggie bags” in the post… I just added it. They just don’t want people to take advantage by ordering a ton and then asking for it to go.

    Can you do take out????

  • Checking it out with 2 co-workers today as well. We didn’t mention anything about MT and they didn’t mention anything about a ‘SPECIAL’ so hopefully all goes well and there’s no confusion! Thanks MT!!! Will advise…

  • Called to make a reservation-they said they’re only taking walk-ins.

  • I check this site every five minutes! Why oh why was I away from a computer yesterday?? Getting the news a little too late, I just called to make a reservation and they are booked full. And next Tuesday is full. I asked if the whole month was already full and he told me to try next Monday for the week after next. SOB!

  • Lobster roll too????

  • I am literally trembling with excitement!!!

    Now THIS is a restaurant a man of my sophistication and social standing could fall in love with. I have reservations for next week.

    I do so look forward to meeting many of you in person. Please introduce yourself to me, if you are so inclined. I am a 66 year old “Southern Gentleman,” and my wife is considerably younger and taller than me. She resembles Bea Arthur, who she impersonates in a very popular caberet act.

  • More like Dudley Moor’s Arthur.

  • i just returned from my fully comp’ed meal at the volstead. it was actually really, really good! the service was incredibly friendly and there was nothing “off-limits” on the menu. i had the lobster roll, which was fantastic! the fries were also delicious. this definitely doesn’t qualify as a “midtown lunch”, but given this great experience, i will definitely recommend it in the future.

  • First to report back–showed up at 11:30 and was seated at the bar (3 of us). We were offered an appetizer, entree and drink. I had the Buffalo Pops and lobster roll. The lobster roll was very good, tasty and just a hint of mayo. Served on a smooth brioche bun with a side of very good fries in a paper cone. The pops were excellent — lollipop-shaped fried brown discs on a wooden stick, with rolled-up chicken inside together with bleu cheese and (barely detectable) fine chopped celery, served with a slightly spicy dipping sauce.

    One friend had the steak salad, which was a large mound of salad with steak bits and tortilla strips, and a very tasty lobster bisque. My other friend had a lobster roll and the chicken tortilla soup. Drink refills were offered, and when we were done the waiter just said “lunch is on us!” SO we filled out the small comment forms, left a nice tip, and headed out.

    Awesome deal, best I’ve seen in a long time! The food was very good as well, slightly above ML standards but reasonable for the quality.

  • OK, *second* to report… took too long finishing my post.

  • can’t wait! made reservations for the 20th! =)

  • We don’t need no steenkin’ reservations!

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