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FREE FOOD ALERT: Volstead to Offer Free Tuesday Lunch to All Midtown Lunch Readers

This is not a joke.  I got an email this morning saying that The Volstead, a newish restaurant on 54th btw. Park+Lex, known for their after work bar scene, is offering free lunch to all Midtown Lunch readers every Tuesday in the month of May.  This place is so not a Midtown Lunch (in both price and set up), but it’s free- and they have sandwiches, salads, sliders, burgers, and a lobster roll.  Yes, a lobster roll… and it’s free (although lord how long it will be before those run out!).  I spoke to owner Matt Wagman, who sent the email, to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into (we are very fat, and there are alot of us), and he not only assured me he did, but that it wasn’t a gimmick.  He just wants more people to know about their lunch menu, and figured this was a good way to do it.  (What was it they said about gift horses?) 

And now for the supprisingly non-restrictive fine print:  Limit one entree from the lunch menu, and one non-alcoholic beverage per person (and they assured me that if tables wanted to sample one or two of their appetizers, they would be allowed to do that as well).  Believe me, I’m as a surprised as you are.

Lunch is between 11:30am and 2:30pm and reservations are recommended… so if you don’t want to leave it to chance you can actually book a reservation for your free lunch.  (Walk-ins are accepted, space permitting, but no take out orders and no doggie bags- for obvious reasons.)  Click here to check out the menu.  To make a reservation, call 212 583-0411.  Available every Tuesday between now and the end of May (2008).  Oh and I’m not too concerned about this being a bait and switch… Matt reads the site and knows what happens to places that screw us over on free food days!

The Volstead, 125 E 54th St. (btw. Park+Lex), 212-583-0411