Goodburger Adds Crabby Patty to Distinguish Itself from Crowded Midtown Burger Scene

With so many quality burger places open in Midtown these days, each place needs it’s own special thing to differentiate themselves from the others.  The way I see it, Burger Joint has the sweet location, Five Guys is for free toppings and freshly cut fries, Pop Burger is the choice if you want sliders, and while the newly opened City Burger is still working out their kinks, it’s clear they’re working off the notion that you wouldn’t mind having some chicken wings or mozarella sticks with your burger.

Goodburger, on the other hand, has never done enough to get me back there on a regular basis.  There is no doubt it is a tasty hamburger, made from quality beef, but it’s always been expensive (the value meals are over $10), and the patty is just not that big.  With all the other options (and my willingness to travel more than a few blocks away from my office) I just didn’t really have a reason to go… until now.

At the beginning of March, Goodburger introduced the “Crabby Patty” to their menu, a deep fried Maryland crab cake sandwich for $7.99.  It’s not on the menu screen, and sometimes they forget to put out the little stand that advertises it, so make sure you ask for it specifically.  I stopped by last week to check it out, and was pretty pleased with the results. 

Deep fried, and super crunchy on the outside, the inside has more real crabmeat then you would expect from a fast food place (but less than you would get from a fancy restaurant), making it about right for the $8 price tag- which, while expensive for a lunchtime sandwich, is not so bad for a quality crabcake.  The hamburger bun is fine, and I was down with their homemade “remoulade tartar sauce” (a tasty blend of ketchup, mayo, and pickles).  Nicely done, with extra kudos for the Spongebob reference.  (Now can I be on your wall?)

Goodburger, Multiple Midtown Locations

  • 23 w. 45th St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-354-0900
  • 636 Lexington Ave. (at 54th), 212-838-6000
  • 800 2nd Ave. (at 43rd), 212-922-1700


Thanks to “Angie’s Matt” for the original comment alerting me to the Goodburger Crabcake.  Do you have a tip, suggestion or news to share?  Email it to


  • Glad you enjoyed it Zach, I get back there every so often specifically for this, there’s not too many options for feeling comfortable eating seafood from a somewhat fast food joint.

    On a side note, I’m having a hard time getting back into the mix of things after 10 delicious days in London and Barcelona. Why are grilled razor clams so damn good?

  • I’d of steamed the razors then dressed with aioli.

    The clams that is, not myself. Kinky.

  • Imagine my dismay when, after reading this item, I rushed over to the 45th St. location for a crabby patty, only to find none on the menu! What gives?!

  • Sorry! It’s not on the menu screen, and sometimes they forget to put the little stand out that advertises it. You have to ask for it-

  • Crabless, did you ask for one anyway? It might not have made it onto the menu yet.

  • [Update] Thje goodburger website does indeed say that the crabby patty is available at each of their 4 NYC locations. You *did* ask for one, didn’t you? ;)

  • The notion of a fast food “crab patty,” no doubt made with artificial “krabmeat,” sickens me. And my wife, too, if that interests you. We are sophisticated people that relish tasty, local crab, by the way.

    I fear I may not eat for days now after reading this post and seeing that photo of that disgusting sandwich.

    It should come with a warning!

  • DocChucky & Wife of Chucky.

    I tip a good somelier more than your ‘investments’ return in a year.


  • I have a feeling the Doc is just messing with us.

    Anyways, back to Rudy dressed in aioli, will that be your Profiled Luncher pic? Raaarrr!

  • Anyone that calls themselves ‘sophisticated’ isn’t.

    I’m sure your furniture is very elegant and classy too.

  • “Tasty, local crab?” Yes, I spend a lot of my time around Indian Point looking for them, too.

  • Oh, no.
    DocChuck emerges again!
    Guys, commenting on any of his posts only fuels his rage.

  • as a chesapeake bay export, i’m offended.

  • For starters, the sandwich is made with real crabmeat. “DocChuck” has already established himself as being ignorant. His lack of “sophistication” is self-evident. I’m also wondering where you find “local” crabs in NYC. Moran.

  • BTW, I was at Goodburger this Saturday (yes, sadly I work weekends sometimes in midtown…sigh). I ordered via their website, and they had it nice and ready for me when I arrived. You can order through their website and pick the time you will be there – takeout or eat in or delivery if you choose.
    Very convenient for us time starved New Yawkers.

    However, I hated the burger (it had a funny chemical taste to it like bad backyard burgers that the cook forget to let the igniter fluid cook off). It was also a very overcooked rare. And toooo expensive. It was no better than an overpriced fast food burger. Blahhh!! Convenient or not, I will not return.

    Now the Fuddruckers burger I had yesterday for lunch….oh my that was good. And they serve beer.

    And Del Frisco’s still steals the show for me, but who can afford $15 for a burger all the time?

  • After yesterday’s disappointment, I went back today, and not only saw the little stand advertising the crabby patty, but also thought to ask for it first! My gastronomic rapacity now knows satiety! Thanks Zack! Now if I can find some good khlav kalash and crab juice, I’ll be set.

  • thats it, man

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