First Look: The Steak Truck

Words can’t even begin to describe the monstrosity that showed up on the NE corner of 47th St. & Park this week.  Ladies and gentleman, I’m proud to introduce, “The Steak Truck”

Oh my lord.  This could be a keeper.  The Lunch Menu, after the jump…


I was already on my way to lunch somewhere else, so I didn’t try anything (yet), but here are some of the menu highlights:

  • Triple Burger (1 lb. of meat) w/ Fries – $8.50
  • Pastrami or Corned Beef Sandwich w/ Fries – $5.95
  • Beef & Chicken Kebabs- Plain, w/ Fries, on Rice, or as a Hero
  • Onion Rings
  • “Specialty Dishes When Avaialble” (No Prices Listed): Chicken Tikka Masala, Paella, Chicken Strips, Falafel, Chicken Wings, Curry Chicken, Shrimp Stew & of course… STEAK

The three specials available yesterday- Shell Steak, Popcorn Chicken & a Bacon Cheeseburger.  The only disappointment: (printed on top of the truck) doesn’t work yet. 

It’s just overwhelming.

Anybody tried anything off this truck yet?  Feel free to post a comment below.  

And thanks to Nick G. for the Steak Truck tip. If you have a tip, news or recommendation, email it to


  • This is so bizarre – unless I was completely out of my mind the day I walked by the truck/cart/whatever-it-was a few weeks ago – this truck either booted the old one to another location – or they redesigned the front of their truck. Not what I remember, not what I remember at all. But I’m still interested to hear when you make it around to the “steak truck” hmmmm that’s definitely the exact location (recognize the building in the back).

  • ooo…pastrami and corned beef! sounds good.

  • It’s a block from where I work – haven’t hit it yet but they have the largest variety of menu options I have seen (I would hope so look at the size of the truck). I think its the truck’s first week at this location. Caught some great smells walking by the other day as I opted for the food cart down the block on 46th and Park.

  • How could anyone buy pastrami from a cart? That’s like getting paella from a cart…O wait, they have that too.
    Talk about a gut bomb!

  • 1lb burger? for lunch?? with fries???

    One wonders how Zach keeps his lithe, athletic figure!!! :)

    Have nice weekend everyone.

    Even if your french

  • Ahhh.. the cart on 46th & Park – that is it.

    Rudy – what’s up with the “even if you’re french” comment?

  • First, Treats Truck, now this. What’s next, for the love of Goddess?

    Skate Truck?
    Teak Struck? (ideally starring Maria Cher-ipova)
    Keats Truck? (poetry on rice)

  • Had the chicken over rice and it’s not bad. It’s a good amount of food for the price. Makes you feel bad for the little indian cart that doesn’t get any business anymore.

  • Just went 20 mins ago.. started with an easy item, Double Cheeseburger. Man, that thing was huge… about 2/3 pound of meat. Very quick and effecient service also. They lied about being able to substitute Onion Rings instead of fries though.

  • Just got back from the truck (it’s across the street!) with a double cheeseburger. It is indeed a huge burger, on a big sesame roll with a ton of circular fries, well-cooked and tasty. They also sell a couple of kinds of fried fish, which I didn’t try (yet).

    Curiously, they have a breakfast menu with egg on a roll for $1, or 2 eggs and cheese on a roll, also $1!

    And the lady in the Indian food cart right next to the truck was glaring at me the whole time….

  • very solid 1/2lb cheeseburger– they were obliging on grilled onions and fixings. burger has extra tang from being on the same grill as the kebabs & the like. good value too– $6 for the burger + fries + a drink. i usually spend more than that at burger king.

  • i wouldn’t feel too bad for the indian cart lady, i went there the other day when kwik meal was… indisposed and the steak truck was too intimidating. it was the oiliest, blandest, most unappealing indian food i’ve had off a cart. after sitting down and opening it up, the only reasons i even ate it at all were hunger and poverty. she needs to relocate where people have fewer options.

  • Quick update: Despite the posted breakfast menu, 5:30-10 a.m., the steak truck does NOT serve breakfast! :^( The guy’s English wasn’t so good, buthe said they wouldn’t be serving breakfast, and gestured to the coffee/bagel cart next to the truck–which does NOT serve any type of eggs! :^(

  • If there’s any other Cornell alums here, I think they’ll agree with me that what Midtown really needs is a Hot Truck. The ORIGINAL French Bread Pizza.

    Jiannetto’s has a decent slice, sure, but there’s nothing like a Triple Sui fresh out of the oven.

  • Bob P. sold the Hot Truck and last I heard it wasn’t nearly the same. However, the original Sui (no mushrooms) is my favorite sandwich EVAH.

  • Just found the truck, and i am glad i did. The burger special was great. Lot of food. Great price. Will try the steak next.

  • GD$…had the beef kabobs over over rice $5, big portion as well. Don’t let the steak offerings fool you, it’s still cart food, take it for what it is. The meat was tough and stringy, but a good value…

  • pastrami,corned beef….and of course the 2/3 pound burger with waffles fries which was the best .i try also the steak but it was tough , so i let the managers knows than he ask me to try the shell steak which only 8 oz but it was great ,juicy ,and it was under 10.00 include fries and drink..
    tomorrow i will try popcorn chicken….??? is good :)

  • I just went to 47th and Park. No steak truck. :(

  • Good lord. Hot Truck in Midtown would be amazing! Mmm, Little Sicilians were to tie for, figuratively and litterally(Cornell ’07)

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