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No Such Thing As Too Many Toppings At Snap Custom Pizza

Last month, Snap Custom  Pizza opened in Rittenhouse. My first thoughts were- I hate this name! It is basically the same name as another casual mini chain down the street! But then I learned that all pizzas and salads come with as many toppings as you want!!! Imagine the cheesy possibilities.

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Passover Friendly Salad at Sweetgreen

I just spent the past few days in NY for Passover being well fed by my mommy. Now that I am back, I have to feed myself. It gets tricky keeping it breadless in the best sandwich city in the world. I figured it was as good a time as any to check out the month old Washington Square location of Sweetgreen.

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Devon & Blakely Combos

 Devon & Blakely opened in the Spring of 2013, bringing another mostly generic lunch option to city workers. Expect soups, salads, sandwiches that cost about $2 more than they should due to the location and convenience. While I take my lunches seriously, every once in a while convenience is the priority.

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Unleavened Lunch Ideas?

Just 2 lunches left before Passover ends and I can reunite my face with a fat sandwich. In the meantime, here are some K for P  lunches that are holding me over.

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Meat and Pickle-Flecked Potato Salad & other Bukharian Concoctions at Shish Kabab Palace

Neither the name nor the look of the storefront of Shish Kabob Palace is particularly enticing. This restaurant, located in a strip mall, certainly does not conjure up the image of a “palace”. You can’t judge a palace by its cover I guess; the sizable menu did a way better job at reeling me in than the meat stick decal on the door.

This palace serves Bukharian and Russian food. Bukharia is a region of Uzbekistan. From my other dining experiences with the cuisine of  Russian/former USSR countries I knew this meant  I could expect funky cold salads, dumplings in various forms, soups, and skewered meats.

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Jar Bar Is The Rawest in Town

Today, our Profiled Luncher from yesterday, JR, is checking out Jar Bar.

What I am about to tell you may well trigger your Mr. Yuck face: This review is for a vegan restaurant where nothing is heated above above 118 degrees. It’s raw food. And by raw, I don’t mean edgy. I’m talking uncooked sweet potatoes thinly sliced into “noodles.” Poseur pasta.

But try and keep an open mind! This restaurant actually brings something new and refreshing to Philly, albeit with uneven quality and expensive prices.

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Can I Handle A Healthy Lunch from Pure Fare?

Pure Fare is not really my kind of restaurant in theory. It is all about healthy and calorie counting. Scary!  But I shouldn’t judge a restaurant by their calorie count. Besides, focusing on detox might not be the worst idea after St. Patty’s Day weekend.

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