Devon & Blakely Combos

 Devon & Blakely opened in the Spring of 2013, bringing another mostly generic lunch option to city workers. Expect soups, salads, sandwiches that cost about $2 more than they should due to the location and convenience. While I take my lunches seriously, every once in a while convenience is the priority.

With so many amazing sandwich places in Philly, I couldn’t bring myself to order a sandwich, choosing instead a salad and soup combo.

I have no complaints about the mixed green side salad with strawberries, nuts, and goat cheese.

There were so many soups to choose from but the lasagna soup sounded hearty and a little gross, so I went with that. It is a tomato based soup, heavy on the dried Italian seasoning, with lasagna noodles and some vegetables. It didn’t suck. Along with the piece of black bread, I was surprisingly full.

If you are looking for a brainless lunch, Devon & Blakely is alright. It is pretty hectic inside during the lunch time rush, though the line moves quickly. For a similarly quick and centrally located lunch, I would probably advise checking out Animo instead.

Devon & Blakely, 1801 Market Street, 215 575-9111


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