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No Such Thing As Too Many Toppings At Snap Custom Pizza

Last month, Snap Custom  Pizza opened in Rittenhouse. My first thoughts were- I hate this name! It is basically the same name as another casual mini chain down the street! But then I learned that all pizzas and salads come with as many toppings as you want!!! Imagine the cheesy possibilities.

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Chicken and Waffles from Waffles and Wedges

The owner of the Pbon’s truck opened up a small food establishment this year on Pine street where Mexico on the Square used to be.  There is one small table inside and a few on the corner, so this is mostly a take out operation. We were able to grab a table. Having essentially two menu items, waffles and potato wedges, might seem to make ordering easy- but the toppings are endless so you might want to come with a game plan.  I wanted to make sure I made the perfect order.

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Health-Conscious Pastas and Flatbreads at The Quick Fixx

Today,  Luncher John is making me jealous of  speedy yet refined take out food.

The Quick Fixx is the latest addition to the revitalizing area of South Street West. Situated a few doors down from Sawatdee and Jet Wine Bar (and just next door to Bob and Barbaras), The Quick Fixx serves both lunch and dinner for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. What sets it apart from the corner hoagie or pizza shop is its aim to provide health-conscious food quickly and at affordable prices.

From both the menu and the fact that you can see that the chef is actually wearing a chef coat, it’s clear that The Quick Fixx strives to make higher quality food. Instead of standard grill fare such as burgers and cheesesteaks, it offers flatbreads, pastas and salads. Each item is produced as if you were ordering from a nice Italian sit-down restaurant. Even The Quick Fixx’s “bar” food items of chicken tenders feature special touches.

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Philly Delicias Truck: A New Arepa and Empanada Food Truck Comes to Philly

While wondering around the food carts looking for something good to eat in University City, I saw a new truck that was so plainly decorated I almost passed it by. Thankfully the picture of the arepa drew me in. I found out that Delicias is now in its second week of operation (besides a test run for a few days in early December). The ladies behind Delicias are from Venezuela. The menu has 3 things: variations of arepas (sliced griddled corn patties with fillings inside) and fried empanadas (filled turnovers) as well as choripan (sausage in a sandwich). A picture of the national dish of Venezuela and the menu after the jump…

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Who Needs Sushi with Tampopo’s Raw Tuna and Pear Spicy Rice Bowl?

Since I didn’t solve my seafood cravings at Snocky’s, I sought out some seafood over rice at Tampopo, a small Japanese restaurant on 21st Street. Bibimbap and donburi bowls take up most of the menu, which is great for gluten free  dining, or you can try a bento box or their udon and soba noodles.  There was one dish in particular that I knew I had to have.

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What is a Pinolshake? (Gluten Free, Healthy Product Alert)

Biking around the Italian Market, I spotted a stand with two men selling something other than the usual random kitchen supplies or cheap produce you normally find in the market. When I checked it out, I found out about a new product I had never heard of before. The Blue Corn Alliance  is a new project that supports farmers in San Mateo Ozolco, a small town in Mexico, by selling their native corn meal product, Pinole,  in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Chutney Co is the Place to Take Your Gluten Free, Indian Food Hating Friends

I know there are people out there who simply do not love the flavors of Indian cooking, and that’s their business. And of course, like myself, there are tons of people who seek out Indian food. At Philadelphia Chutney Company both types of diners can share a table. Many of the dosas are filled with atypical ingredients, like ones you would find in a wrap. So, this is a way someone could dip their toe into trying Indian food, with experiencing the dosa wrapper, while remaining in their comfort zone. And, since the 2 menu items -dosas and uttapas- are gluten free, this was the another place to dine with my gluten free, non-Indian food loving friend.

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