Mexico on the Square Shows Us How to Make Their Super Sopes

Mexico on the Square opened 2 months ago from the same crew who ran the now closed Savoy flower shop/taqueria (which I first heard about from Luncher Matt). While they now serve sandwiches, cheesesteaks, burgers and the like- I somehow managed to look away and focus on the Mexican fare. I was psyched when I found out the sopes (thick Mexican tortillas piled with toppings) are made to order.

One lunch special offered is for 3 tacos  and a drink for $8. For research sake I started with a taco- al pastor with doubled corn tortilla. Not bad, could have been a little juicier. 3 of these would definitely be a filling lunch, they put a lot of meat in each taco. But why on earth would you order the tacos when the sopes are so fantabulous.

Mexico on the Square’s sopes are an amazing lunch for only $3.50 each. While I think one is large enough to make up a lunch on its own, you can throw in a taco just to be safe and and still get out of there for $6.

Both the chorizo and steak toppings were flavorful enough to stand out under the mound of lettuce, tomato, cilantro, avocado, sour cream, and Oxaca cheese. Soft with a little crunch on the outside, the hot sope provided a shockingly good and sturdy landing pad for the pile of toppings. So good that I had to know how they made them.

My Mexican friends behind the counter offered to show me how its done. A ball of masa is flattened by some blue device that I kept my fingers far away from,  then placed on the griddle and flipped to cook both sides . The magic step comes when its quickly dropped in the deep fryer. No wonder I was so enamored. I really appreciate that they take no short cuts in making these real deal sopes for us lunchers to enjoy.

Also worth mentioning, the burritos are huge and packed with the same fresh ingredients. $8 includes a burrito and a drink.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Made to order sopes!
  • A long menu of Mexican and American fare means you could keep coming back and ordering new things
  • No skimping on ingredients here

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • There is barely any seating, though if you can score the one 2 top outside, you are in luck

Mexico on the Square,  1511 Pine St  (@ 15th  St.), 215-732-1908



  • DAMN. I like how fresh their ingredients look.

    Did you eat a taco, sope and a burrito?
    If so, Jamie clearly has a hollow leg.

  • haha no, I did not consume all of that food by myself

  • Yeah, that does look quite good. How did it stack up against Don Memo’s food?

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    That looks amazingly fresh and good.

  • I’ve been going there regularly for their tacos al pastor. They’re very generous with the pork and pineapple, and 3 tacos are large enough to do the trick. I tried the sopes tonight. The chorizo is excellent, and the toppings, fresh and plentiful. The homemade tortillas rock.

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    They have changed some stuff :( Sopes doesn’t have advocado :( and it’s 4.50 now…

    I ordered the al pastor sopes – they forgot the sour cream, no biggie… I was still sad about the advocado… but after tasting it, I didn’t even care. It was gooood. There is mole sauce it in.. I’m not sure if that’s part of the sopes or part of the al pastor but I love it :D

    I also got the Carne asada taco. I like the season on the beef… but after a couple of bites I added the hot sauce to it :D there was plenty of meat :D
    hot sauce is good.

    I’m going to go back to try some other stuff.

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