Unleavened Lunch Ideas?

Just 2 lunches left before Passover ends and I can reunite my face with a fat sandwich. In the meantime, here are some K for P  lunches that are holding me over.

The salad bar at Grocery for cheeses, beets, slaw, and a tiny bit of lettuce.  The salad bar is $8 a pound and it adds up fast, but it is good quality stuff.

Frites and soup combo ($5) at European Republic. Those fries- still great, and carb-like enough to help you not miss bread.

Any other ideas for Passover lunches?

Also,  What’s the difference between matzoh and cardboard?? Cardboard doesn’t leave crumbs in the rug!

Grocery,  105 S 13th St  (@ Chestnut St), 215-922-5252

European Republic,  213 Chestnut St (@ 2nd), 215-627-5500



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