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Health-Conscious Pastas and Flatbreads at The Quick Fixx

Today,  Luncher John is making me jealous of  speedy yet refined take out food.

The Quick Fixx is the latest addition to the revitalizing area of South Street West. Situated a few doors down from Sawatdee and Jet Wine Bar (and just next door to Bob and Barbaras), The Quick Fixx serves both lunch and dinner for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. What sets it apart from the corner hoagie or pizza shop is its aim to provide health-conscious food quickly and at affordable prices.

From both the menu and the fact that you can see that the chef is actually wearing a chef coat, it’s clear that The Quick Fixx strives to make higher quality food. Instead of standard grill fare such as burgers and cheesesteaks, it offers flatbreads, pastas and salads. Each item is produced as if you were ordering from a nice Italian sit-down restaurant. Even The Quick Fixx’s “bar” food items of chicken tenders feature special touches.

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Mezze’s Soup and Salad Combo

I was running late for something very important and impressive and a quick and easy lunch at Mezze, right in the middle of Reading Terminal, fit the bill.

They have several lunch combo possibilities, with half sandwiches, small salads, etc. For the sake of saving time, carbs, and money, I chose the cheaper combo ($7)- a small salad and a soup.

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If You Are Going To Do Restaurant Week, Order Local: Philly Homegrown + Restaurant Week at GTC

You know its restaurant week again, right? This week and next week, excluding weekends, the 3 or 4 course $20 lunch and $35 dinner is back. There is a twist this year though, a twist I am all about. Philly Homegrown (part of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation) has worked with Center City District and participating restaurants to get at least one option on each RW menu to include locally sourced ingredients. Philly Homegrown is all about promoting both tourists and locals alike to appreciate our locally sourced food, and why shouldn’t we? We grow nice stuff around here. At Garces Trading Company, many of the lunch options have that red tractor next to them- meaning, this dish uses some local goodness. Lucky for me, I got to try those tractor approved dishes.

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Wussy vs. Tough Lunching at Elephant & Castle (Guess which one was me)

A friendly lunch at English pub Elephant and Castle turned into a test of manhood. Who would be tempted by their new salad menu? Who would stay strong and stick to the meat and potatoes? Who would leave full? Who would leave whiny and hungry?

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Freshii: A Nutritionist Recommended Allotment of Dressing Just Doesn’t Work for Me

Freshii opened this month, with the official grand opening last week. I took advantage of the grand opening specials and tried a fresh healthy salad and two of their rice bowls.

At Freshii, you can chose from premade Chef’s selections, which makes it super easy, or you can create your own. If you are a food ordering O.C.D. perfectionist like me (This is a serious condition. I constantly have anxiety about ordering the best things on the menu wherever I go. Luckily, it usually ends up working out for me and the people eating with me) you might end up spending way more time than you planned picking the perfect combination.

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Top Your Salad With Antipasto at Picnic

This week I sent our bagel hungry Profiled Luncher Lauren to check out the veggie packed lunches at Picnic, mentioned briefly by Luncher Wayles

After almost four years at Penn, I had somehow managed to miss Picnic, a casual restaurant at the edge of University City.  Finally, two friends and I braved the cold and walked the daunting eight blocks (a serious endeavor for a weekday!) for a late lunch.  Picnic offers a selection of daily specials that include soups, sandwiches, salads, and dishes from their refrigerated case.  For those who don’t have time to sit, they also offer “ready-to-go” items that can be quickly wrapped.  We decided to order one soup, one sandwich, and one salad to best cover the menu.

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Barbuzzo for Restaurant Week: Do it!

Last week I posted my recommendations for the best value lunches during Restaurant Week. So when a group of my friends decided to go, I consulted the list. As I tweeted on Friday, we went with Barbuzzo, and it was so successful I had to give a full report. Now some people worry about the value of doing the RW menu as opposed to the regular menu, but I calculated it, and what I ordered for $20 would have set me back $27 normally, so its like getting the dessert for free. I think that makes it a good deal, no? Well that and the quality of each of the 3 courses.

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