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6 Packs and Spicy Raw Beef at Khmer Sweet Basil

Khmer Sweet Basil is a 6 month old Cambodian and Beer take out spot (with a pretty decent beer election). A combo that would only fit in South Philly. The small amount of seating required a take out order, but the real issue was the insanely long wait for our order. We were told everything is made fresh as we waited. Most customers stopping in were looking for beer. Maybe the kitchen wasn’t ready for food seeking customers? Read more »

Old City Flatbreads from Silence Dogood’s

photo via Facebook

Unfortunately, I find myself assuming restaurants on Market Street in Old City are guilty (of being lame) before proven innocent. Something about the cheesiness of being ushered in along with a few underwhelming experiences. Silence Dogood opened on Market Street in April without much fanfare/press and I was of course, skeptical. The pub is also associated with the Big Red Pedal Tours- that bike powered roving bar that I have never known anyone to use.  But while ordering a flew of flat breads for my group, I was told they make their own ricotta and my hope rose like dough.

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Grown Up Apps & Burgers for 1/2 Price at Taproom on 19th (for now)

 Taproom on 19th is a South Philly corner bar that got revamped last fall with crafts beers and an enticing menu by Chef Jen Choplin. These features, plus the outdoor seating,  happy hour, and weekly specials, should be enough to get you down to Ritner.

[Note: The Insider has reported that  Chef Choplin was replaced by Elijah Milligan last week. There will be some menu changes in the next month, so if the following plates entice you, get down there asap because they could disappear]

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Devil’s Alley Smokes Up Hellacious Dry Rub Wings

While I sometimes drink questionable amounts of beer at Drinker’s, I have yet to venture in to Devil’s Alley next door. Today, Luncher John lets us know we should be trying their wings. 

It’s a fact: Center City does not have a plethora of places west of Broad Street serving good barbecue. Perhaps the best such option is Devil’s Alley. Located just a couple blocks north of Rittenhouse Square at 19th and Chestnut, Devil’s Alley may seem like a typical bar and grill with a varied menu and beer selection. What separates Devil’s Alley from the rest is how well it executes its barbecue dishes.

Even though its building is somewhat narrow, Devil’s Alley certainly maximizes its space. It has two floors with outdoor seating during good weather. Glass doors on both floors can also open up on warmer days (they will be here, though its hard to remember that this week), making it appear more spacious. The limited space is evident in the bar area, where there’s not really much room for people to stand between the bar and staircase.

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Beyond the Wurst is Worse at Bru

Bru opened in Center City a few months ago with this whole serve your own beer using a key gimmick. Although I have had drinks there on many occasions, I have yet to use this feature. Besides an international beer list, a German food menu is available. While most of their “plates” are around $15, the sandwiches are $10 and under.

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Measure your Food in Miles at McGillin’s

I learned that I am, at least,  consistent. Apparently October/Oktoberfest makes me want to visit McGillin’s for lunch. Having just gone back for some gut busting, heart warming lumberjack food, I realized the last time I visited (for lunch, because I get drinks there on the reg like every other self respecting resident) was also in October.

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Let American Sardine Bar Drown your Sandwich

Friends from NYC came to visit our humble city to take advantage of the fact that so many of our bars serve amazing beer without pretension or annoying crowds. I mostly take that perk for granted, but my taste buds and liver were quickly reminded with the help of my friends.

One of our stops for beer and food was American Sardine Beer, because I can count on it for a good meal and interesting beer. Plus the patio is open, equipped with bright flowers and a tomato plant I may have stolen from.  Read more »