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Vote For The Treats Truck and Wish Kim a Happy Birthday

The morning show Live with Kelly and Michael have been searching for the “best food truck in America,” and they’ve narrowed the competition down to a Top Ten. Our very own Kim Ima of The Treats Trucks is the only New York truck in the running.

Kim will appear today at 9am on the show to prepare her signature dish. Viewers (and ML’ers) have until Sunday morning to rate the truck’s performance. The top two move on to the final cook-off round and the winner gets $20,000. Considering The Treats Truck turns 6 years old on Sunday, wouldn’t this be the best birthday present a sweet little truck could wish for? Let’s support Kim and vote at And when you see her, make sure to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Vote For the Treats Truck’s Bakery: Voting for Time Out New York's annual Food & Drink Awards closes tomorrow. Most of the nominees are way too fancy for Midtown Lunch, but The Treats Truck Stop is nominated for best new bakery. Sure, this brick and mortar version of one of our favorite dessert trucks is located in Brooklyn, but it is filled with familiar cookies, brownies, and the butterscotch bar. Vote for it today here. The only thing that could make it better is if it was in Midtown!

Is 45th & 6th A Viable Food Truck Stop Again?

The NW corner of 45th street and 6th avenue used to be a food truck favorite spot, bringing a regular swath of trucks almost every day of the workweek. Then, the NYPD crackdown in Midtown ruined the fun, forcing trucks to find other often less lucrative locations to park during the lunch rush. But, it seems that slowly things have been reverting back to the good ol’ days. This week, on Tuesday, Schnitzel & Things couldn’t park at their planned spot on 40th & 6th due to construction, so they moved uptown to 45th & 6th.
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Lunch Hour NYC Brings Treats Back To Midtown on Tuesdays: NYPL's Lunch Hour NYC keeps getting better for hungry ML'ers. Non only does Tuesday mean Milk Truck Grilled Cheese, but starting today (and for all Tuesdays in August) you'll also find the Treats Truck on the south side of the library terrace on 40th street & Fifth avenue from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. So! Excited!

Lunch Links (The “Happy 5th Birthday to the Treats Truck” Edition)

A photo from our first trip to the Treats Truck, 5 years ago this week.

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At Lunch Now: The Treats Truck Is In Midtown!

While rushing back to the office from lunch, I stopped dead in my tracks (to take a photo, naturally) when I spotted the Treats Truck in their old Midtown spot on 45th & 6th. You’ll have to hurry, though — according to their twitter, the truck will be there only until 3 p.m.

Treats Truck’s Kim Ima Speaks Out About the Current State of Food Trucks

It’s hard to believe it but in June of this year the Treats Truck will turn 5 years old. I still remember the first time I ate my first mexican brownie from Kim’s adorable truck, and that day seems like yesterday as much as it seems like 20 years ago. It has always been tough for street food vendors on the street of Midtown, but if you’ve been following the scene over the past 18 months, you know it’s gotten that much tougher. So tough that Kim, the good samaritan that she is, rarely parks in Midtown anymore. But she hasn’t given up, and today she asked us to post this update to all her fans who are eager for her to return to Midtown on a more permanent basis.


I started The Treats Truck in June 2007. I loved the idea of having customers all over the city, and couldn’t wait to get started. I studied the city’s rules and guidelines and set out looking for places to park my truck.

When you own a food truck in New York City, you’re given lists of restrictions and rules, and you do your best to find a suitable spot. In addition, you soon find out there is also the reality of the streets, and each block is different. You have to put in the time to figure out where you fit in. Even after you establish your spots, you must remain sensitive to changes in the way a particular block works.

It was not easy that first summer, but it was also magical.

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Good News/Bad News From the Treats Truck: If you haven't gotten your copy of the Treats Truck Cook Book you can buy one here, and the good news is if you bring it by the truck Kim will not only sign it but she'll give you an extra cookie for free. The bad news is the Treats Truck got kicked off of 38th st. by the cops yesterday so they're not sure when the truck is going to be able to come back to Midtown.

Treats Truck Returns to Midtown Today!

Yesterday we got to see Kim from the Treats Truck in a great video courtesy of Save The NYC Food Trucks… but today it looks like we’re going to be able to see her in person!  AOL’s Advertising Week launches today, and as part of the festivities the Treats Truck will be open for business on 41st btw. 7+8th. It’s been over 4 months since the cops chased the Treats Truck out of Midtown, so to say this is exciting news would be huge understatement!

Checking in With the Treats Truck: If you're curious how the Treats Truck has been doing since being kicked out of Midtown, Fork in the Road has a really in depth interview with Kim about how difficult it is going to be for her to stay in business after losing her two most lucrative parking spots. More reason to order delivery from her on Wednesdays!