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At Lunch Now: World’s Largest Bakesale is a Complete Madhouse


Not sure if this really is the “World’s Largest Bakesale” (we’ll leave that to Guinness) but it has got to be the world’s largest line to get into a bakesale. Holy mackerel. And that’s just inside!

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At Lunch Now: Winter is Officially Over

And according to the ML Twitter Tracker… one of the Rolling Cones are on 59th and Lex, and Billy “Mister Softee” Gunnz is on 39th and B’way.

At Lunch Now: Lily O’Brien’s is a Madhouse!

This is the scene outside of Lily O’Brien’s (on 40th btw. 5+6th) right now. Wow… cutting it a little close aren’t we guys?  (Apologies in advance if your girlfriend/wife sees you on this line.)

At Lunch Now: Angelo Sosa Isn’t Just Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies at Kati Roll

He’s actually making the food behind the counter!  Thanks to Lunch’er “muusic” for the photo… he should be there for another half hour.

Angelo Sosa Joining Forces With Kati Roll!?


This is unbelievable. Yesterday Taim Mobile sold out of the sabich special while Chris H. was waiting on line (around 1pm), and just a few minutes ago they sold their last harissa falafel ball TO THE PERSON ON LINE IN FRONT OF ME. This injustice will not stand, man. Lesson learned. If you want one of Taim Mobile’s specials, get there early.

At Lunch Now: Five Guys on 34th is Now Open

When does this ever happen!?! A few weeks ago we reported that the new Five Guys on 34th St. btw. 8+9th would be opening on October 2nd, and what do you know… it’s open. Thanks to Lunch’er Vivien for the heads up.

I Still Think Five Guys is Awesome, But I’ll Try Not to Compare it to In N Out Burger

At Lunch Now: I Just Robbed Tri Tip Grill

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing us harp about Tri-Tip Grill, but I simply had to shamelessly brag about show you guys what happens when you combine one of those Groupon-like daily deals with the Tuesday Tri-Tip feast. For a paltry $15, we just picked up $30 worth of food, split amongst 4 people ($3.75 per head), and came out with more food than any of us could finish. This included the whole Tri-Tip, an XL mashed potato, a large order of their onion straws, a side of roasted veggies, and a small order of french fries. Even at full price ($8 each) it wouldn’t have been a terrible deal.  For $4, it’s a straight up crime.   (And if for some reason you missed the two Tri Tip coupons we posted last week, you have nobody to blame but yourself!)

Tri Tip Grill’s Tuesday Special is a Feast For 3

Midtown Lunch’ers Liveblog: Your First Look at 4Food

Earlier this month we had a contest giving away slots to a special preview lunch at 4Food, the crazy new social-media-meets-doughnut-shaped-veggie-stuffed-hamburger spot opening in September on Madison and 40th Street.  That free lunch is happening right now, and we couldn’t help but ask the winning lunchers to send us their thoughts in real time.

Noon – The first guests are starting to arrive…  “Scene is bustling with peeps who are part of the event.” According to Lunch’er Tina.

12:15pm – And the first burger has been consumed.  Good news for ketchup lovers, bad news for environmentalists…  From Lunch’er “Mike”   “Burger is pretty good. The staff is very nice. I don’t hate the fufu custom ketchup; I’m a Heinz guy. There’s a LOT of cardboard wrapped around the food. More people taking pictures than eating. I prefer Carnegie John but this is ok. The space is nice; kind of industrial warehouse feel.

12:23pm – Lunch’er “Tina’s” order is in.  “Pork burger w/Brussels sprouts, fontina and horseradish cream in brioche. Side of Square Roots fries.”

Check out the first bits of burger porn, after the jump…

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At Lunch Now: Mexicue Meateaters > Kosher Vegetarians?


Last week the Mexicue Truck exploded onto the Midtown Lunch scene, causing mayhem on Thursday.  Today?  Much of the same.  They were on 40th and 6th today, and by 12:40 the line was 30 deep.  Total pandemonium.  The Green Taste Truck, parked around the corner (on 6th btw. 39+40th)?  Not so much.  No love for the green-vegetarian option?! I guess vegetarian trucks just aren’t all the rage (or maybe all the vegetarians were trying to taste Mexicue’s awesome looking beet taco.) You’d think at the least they’d at least get a bit of spillover…

At Lunch Now: Meet the Old Soup Man, Same as the New Soup Man?

Soup Kitchen International aka the Soup Nazi aka The Original Soup Man reopened their original location today (on 55th and 8th Ave.) and the requisite madhouse ensued. Eater was (rightfully) skeptical but being a huge S.K.I fan I had to check it out for myself.

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