Midtowners Will Never Go Uncaffenaited Again


For the last few years, in our annual Readers’ Poll, the best coffee category has been the most difficult to narrow down the nominees. It keeps getting harder as we get more and more legit coffee shops serving specialty roasts brewed with all sorts of fancy methods.


Last week, I learned that Kaffe 1668, my favorite downtown coffee shop has opened a Midtown location hidden in the lobby of 530 Fifth Avenue (bw 45th and 46th Street).


Their beans are roasted out in Red Hook and you can choose from a coffee of the day for $2.30 or a list of beans from all over the world. This is at least the third specialty coffee shop we have nestled into an office building lobby after this and this.

Today on Twitter, I also learned that old school ML favorite Culture Espresso has opened a second location not far from their first, at 247 West 36th bw 7th and 8th.

These both come on the heels of the announcement that Australian brew shop Bluestone Lane Coffee (still coming soon) will open a kiosk near Bryant Park and Chicago-based Intelligentsia (open now) will serve java inside the Urban Outfitters Store on Broadway and 35th.

If you’re falling asleep in Midtown, you’re doing something wrong.


  • Also got a new Caffe Bene on 40th near 8th in the last week or two. Nice space with some lunch options, but haven’t tried them yet.

  • The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world to pay $5 for a cup of flavored water

    • I think it might have been convincing tens and hundreds of millions of people to buy single servings of plain tap water in plastic bottles for $2+ each.

    • At least coffee is a harvested crop. In theory, some of that cash goes to the hard work of the people out in the fields every… oh, who am I kidding.

      But still, at least there’s a reason for coffee to cost at least a sizable fraction of the price paid. Unlike bottled water or water with artificial flavor and chemicals.

      • hahahhaah … well done Dave

        FYI, my idea of “Fair Trade” is when I swap my beer bottle deposit for a tribal wife

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