Simon Sips is a Great (Hidden) Starbucks Alternative

Is “your” Starbucks the one on 47th and 6th, in the 1185 6th ave office building? We’ve been tipped off to a new spot for your morning ritual that is in the same building, but tucked away. In fact, you’d most likely never know this 2-week-old coffee bar existed if you didn’t work there.

Simon Sips has set up a small shop in the back of this office building. If you don’t work there, walk to the pedestrian area behind the building, and enter through the revolving door across the walkway from Ustav. Immediately turn left (which is the only direction you can go if you don’t have building access). There you will find Simon Sips, an unassuming place to grab your morning joe from staff who are just the kind of people you want to interact with in the morning: calm, extremely nice and helpful.

In addition to drip coffee, Simon Sips offers espresso drinks in a unique way. You order by the ounce: 4, 8, 12 or 16 oz cups. I got a 12 oz ($4). If you are looking for a caramel macchiato or something else schmancy-pants like that you’ll have to run to the Starbucks. The coffee here is simple, and simply wonderful. I also treated myself to a pumpkin apple walnut muffin. Nice chunks of apple and huge, whole pieces of walnut were throughout the muffin, which was a nice change from the usual sprinkle of chopped walnuts you usually get in muffins.

While I don’t work in this building, now that I’ve found this spot, I will definitely be back for their coffee and to try the other muffin flavors (they change daily). Thanks to Lunch’er Joe (hah! no pun intended!) for the tip.

Simon Sips, 1185 6th ave (btw 46+47)


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    I highly recommend this place. It’s a very refreshing alternative to Starbucks and is only steps away in the same building. Ironically, the store used to be a Starbucks, which closed.

    There is never a line here and Rachel is correct that the muffins are delicious. All of the other baked goods look tasty as well. Staff is very friendly.

    Starbucks haters, put your money where your mouths are!

  • @Rachel, thanks for the heads up, I used to work in that building years ago, might have to stop by and visit my old office and grab a coffee there.

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    I went today after reading this article – thanks so much for pointing it out. I spoke to the two guys for a bit and they seem to really care about making a quality product and making the drink the way you like it. I’m glad that they carry Stumptown. So nice to have a place like this close by (im on 48th and 6th) as I usually have to go to Culture or the Ace Hotel or Sweetleaf in Queens. Its really off the beaten path and I hope that doesnt stop people from trying.

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    This coffee shop is the best place for breakfast and lunch – everything is above the average in quality and price.

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