New Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop Lives Up To Its Name


Starbucks really needs to watch their back. We now have a serious and credible coffee culture that just continues to expand. The newest addition to our java scene is aptly named Hole in the Wall nestled inside the lobby of 420 Fifth Avenue. It’s not the first Australian-owned coffee shop in the neighborhood nor the first one “secretly” hidden inside an office building lobby.


It’s offering a brand new roaster to NYC – Novo (from Denver) – with a rotating roster of guest espressos. The staff was really friendly and helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed my Kyoto-style iced coffee. But this is not a bargain cup of coffee as all the drinks hover close to $4.


They also offer pre-made sandwiches (the mozzarella, prosciutto, and fig balsamic did sound tasty) and win major points for also carrying Dough doughnuts and Balthazar croissants. It’s a solid coffee shop and despite the prices, continues to make Midtown one of the best neighborhoods for java.

Hole in the Wall, Inside the Lobby of 420 Fifth Avenue (entrance on both 37th and 38th Street), (646) 682-9510

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    Sounds good but I don’t like the high prices. Breakfast should not cost more than $5 at the most including coffee. I hope they don’t charge for hot water like Simon Sips does.

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