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Japanese Crepes from T-Crepe Swirl

Earlier this month, T Swirl Crepe, which has several locations in NYC, opened in our Chinatown. The menu consists of sweet and savory crepes, all made to order in a pretty efficient assembly line style open kitchen.

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Toasty Drinks and Crepes from Global Crepes and Local Shakes

Unfortunately, I have been less than impressed with the crepe places here in Philly, see: here and here. They tend to be overpriced and underwhelming. Have you had the same experience? But when I read the menu for Global Crepes and Local Shakes, which opened in the Italian market earlier this winter, I was slightly hopeful.  Inside, the cafe has a super zen setting, complete with relaxing music and cute lamps.

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Graduate Hospital Crepe Off: So Crepe vs Cafe L’Aube

In 2013 the Graduate Hospital area gained 2 new crepe spots; Cafe L’Aube this winter and So Crepe last week.  I went to both in one afternoon for today’s CREPE OFF.

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Crepe Town in the Bellevue Food Court Replaces Desi Chaat House

In the mood for chaat near City Hall, I headed to the basement of the Bellevue only to find that Desi Chaat House had been replaced by Crepe Town. I suppose that is the problem with getting attached to any one place in that food court; the turnover rate is crazy.

The most expensive crepe is $7.25, with most hovering around $6. The calorie counts are posted, should the numbers sway you.

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Cheap Crêpes Come to Center City at Crepesody

Today,  Luncher John does French with Crepesody.

Several years ago, I went to Paris and had my first taste of a crêpe from a street vendor not too far from the Eiffel Tower. Immediately, I was hooked. It was great and cheap street food at its finest. There were crêpes with Nutella spread and others with more savory fillings.

Good crêpes here are a little harder to find, particularly at a cheaper price point. Last year, Crepesody opened up in Center City on JFK Boulevard as the most recent Philadelphia crêperie. It offers up eight savory and eight sweet crêpes on the menu for breakfast and lunch. And the verdict? Crepesody hits the spot and adds a great crêpes option in Center City.

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Fancy Crepe Offenses: When Coulis de Chocolat Means Hershey’s Syrup

La Creperie Cafe is a classy Rittenhouse spot with an eclectic menu. Besides crepes, here you will find soups, salads, quiches, and oddly- paella.

On average the savory crepes run $12, which was a red flag for me. Crepes don’t need to cost that much, lets be real. But I was willing to give it the old college try and see if it could work out for me.

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1/2 off Crepes

Today on Living Social, you can get $20 worth of crepes for $10 at La Creperie Cafe on 17th and Sansom.  That can buy a lot of crepes. Treat a friend to lunch with it maybe? How about the La Marginale, a merguez sausage crepe with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon, and veggies.