Japanese Crepes from T-Crepe Swirl

Earlier this month, T Swirl Crepe, which has several locations in NYC, opened in our Chinatown. The menu consists of sweet and savory crepes, all made to order in a pretty efficient assembly line style open kitchen.

I ordered the “shrimp avocado” ($8), which comes with spinach, carrots, red peppers, edamame, and a spicy- sweet sauce. The crepe is thin prepared to be thin and crispy, which helps it contain the contents. The cone also helps keep it all together, however there was some sauce seepage towards the bottom- make sure to grab napkins. I was most surprised at how fresh all the ingredients were. Its basically a lovely shrimp salad inside a crepe. You can tell from the pictures, that was some perky baby spinach.  Similarly, the avocado chunks were properly ripe. The pieces of shrimp are nicely grilled and aren’t those wimpy little ones. I felt satisfied but not weighed down. Had I not been lunching solo, I probably would have split a dessert crepe. There are not a ton of dessert options in Chinatown, I plan on promptly returning for something chocolatey or matcha-ey post noodles sometime soon.

T Swirl Crepe, 150 N 10th St, 917 285-2521


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