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Pork on Pork, The Castro Sandwich at The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a cute pub sitting on the corner of 9th and Catherine. The inviting outdoor seating reeled me in.  Its a good things the menu isn’t too long because there is also the whole draft list to choose from. Read more »

Percy Street Barbecue’s Combo Deal Offers Texas-Sized Value for Texas-Style Barbecue

This week,  Luncher John tries out the combo dealage at Percy Street’s Comcast Center location.

Percy Street Barbecue opened up on South Street in 2009, serving Texas-style barbecue to the masses. Most other area barbecue establishments specialize in other styles, such as Carolina barbecue, but Texas barbecue isn’t as common in this area of the country. Fortunately, Percy Street fills that niche well, and recently, it debuted a sandwich shop at the Comcast Center. Now, Center City workers don’t have too far to travel to sample some great barbecue.

Percy Street’s new spot is right at the entrance of the Market and Shops at the Comcast Center. The space is small, with room to place your order at one counter before picking up your drinks and dessert and paying at the other end. A server then brings you the remainder of your order, and you can eat it in the market’s seating area. It’s an efficient operation, which is a good thing considering how busy Percy Street has been since its opening.

As a huge barbecue fan, I was definitely looking forward to how the food, served typically in platters, would translate to sandwiches. Here, there are six sandwich options, including chopped brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey, sliced brisket, spicy barbecue chicken and boneless ribs. There are also five different sides of pinto beans, collard greens, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese and vegan chili. The sandwiches are either $8 or $9, with sides at $3, but the combo allows you to pick a sandwich, side and drink for $10 (tax included). In other words, you’d be a fool to skip out on the deal (which falls right on the Midtown Lunch limit).

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But If Healthy-ish Vietnamese Isn’t For You Today, How About BBQ?

Grub Street already has the scoop on the offerings of Percy Street’s Comcast Center sandwich joint, which opened today. The concept is brilliant and the final products are looking quite good.

Why Not? Southern BBQ at an Irish Pub

When I heard that Chef Coates from the now defunct Bebe’s bbq was coming to Fergie’s pub, I thought – random pairing, but awesome. Anything that brings bbq closer to Center City is a win, as long as its good, of course. I already liked Fergie’s for the beer menu and the new menu gave me another reason to come by.

The pub setting provides for some crappy ass pictures, but what can ya do.

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King Kebob’s Kebobs and Kebob Me Raffle

This week I sent our bagel hungry Profiled Luncher Lauren on a mission to the King Kebob Truck. This mission coincides with the Royal Rafffle- today only, “like” this post on their Facebook page and comment “kebob me” for a chance to win a free lunch. Enter before 5pm.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve realized that the King Kabob truck has returned to 38th & Spruce.  The cart has apparently been open for a few years, but was on hiatus last semester because of a change in ownership.  Now that King Kabob is back, I decided to give it a try with a few friends.

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Lunches Philly Needs from the South: Austin

As  I mentioned last week, I have been down South on vacation, and while we will return to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow, I thought I would share the amazing eating I have been doing in Austin, Texas and point out some lunches here that Philly is lacking.

I get so jealous when I hear about southern state fairs with fried butter and fried bacon. So the #1 spot goes to Awesome Things that are Fried…

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Percy St BBQ Reminder: Don't forget about the free lunch deal  this week at Percy St for the first 20 early birds each day! I am counting on you guys to report back!