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Seaport Holiday Market Boasts Crepes, German Sausages

If you’ve been at the South Street Seaport and made it past the giant Christmas tree and throngs of confused-looking tourists, you may have noticed and/or smelled the food stands. I was unaware that these existed, and at first they seemed pretty boring with one selling crepes and another various kinds of drinks including hot chocolate. Then you will see a big round stand with a round grill and buns hanging in the middle, and realize that you can get a delicious sausage while gazing at the Christmas tree.

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Fresh Salt Is Not A Lunch Destination For Cheapskates

If the thought of paying $10 for a sandwich and some chips pains you, then avert your eyes because Fresh Salt is not for you. The restaurant is on Beekman (btw. Front & South), part of a cluster of eateries at the South St. Seaport. While I was under the impression that it was a grab and go-type lunch place, it’s more of a sit down affair unless you want to get your food to go.  Several of you profiled lunch’ers have recommended this place but it’s just far enough off the beaten path that I tend to forget about it. The good news is the food is good – but you’re probably going to pay more than you’d like for the privelege of dining among cobblestones. Read more »

America’s Next Great Restaurant Is Actually Pretty…Good

The words “healthy” and “soul food” would probably send shivers of terror down many people’s spines, but these things no longer surprise me. It seems like every new place opening in or near the Financial District is trying to make their food healthy-sounding. And this is what you get from Soul Daddy, a new restaurant at the South St. Seaport, begat from a reality TV show, that we first showed you Tuesday. The restaurant takes soul food, puts it in a space that is reminiscent of Chipotle, and tries to let you eat lunch without having a heart attack afterward. Fair enough, but how does it taste?   Read more »

Reality Show Spawn Soul Daddy Opens At Seaport

If you watch reality TV shows involving food you may have heard of America’s Next Great Restaurant. Since I don’t, it came as a surprise when I saw that the winning restaurant, Soul Daddy, was simultaneously opening three locations yesterday including one on Front St. at the South St. Seaport. There’s nothing I like better than having my lunch destination handed to me. Click through for a look at the “new home cookin’” menu. Read more »

Lunching At Jeremy’s Ale House: A Little Bit Fantastic And A Little Bit Gross

Usually when you pick a lunch spot it’s because they have something particularly delicious to check out or a pleasant eating environment. Or the food is dirt cheap. Jeremy’s Ale House on Front St. (btw. Peck Slip & Dover) has only a small fraction of those things, and really my co-lunch’er and I ended up there out of sheer curiousity of what kinds of people would be eating lunch here on a spring-like day. And what would the interior look like with sunlight shining in? The answer to those questions, plus a picture of the tasteful decor after the jump. Read more »

Made Fresh Daily Dashes Biscuit Sandwich Hopes, Harbors Secret Doughnut Stash

Sometimes it seems all we get down in the FiDi is crappy overpriced sandwiches or really good, but still overpriced, sandwiches. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule but the typical generic deli is not going to wow anyone with its offerings. A walk down the cobblestone streets off of South Street Seaport has led me to two good lunches at Barbarini Alimentari and Table Tales. The other day I found a third place to check out called Made Fresh Daily, on Front St. (btw. Peck Slip & Beekman). My interest was piqued when I saw a picture of a ham and cheese sandwich on a biscuit from there that made me want to lick my computer screen. That didn’t happen, but I did make it there recently for lunch and discovered they have something far more exciting than a sandwich. Read more »

A Guide To The South Street Seaport Food Court

I, like most office workers in the Financial District, don’t really venture too far into the South Street Seaport area unless forced to for happy hour or out of town guests. The dining options are overpriced and mostly grim, targeted toward the tourists that are the bread and butter of the place. One day I wandered into the indoor “mall” of the Seaport, and discovered what may be the weirdest food court in Manhattan. Sure, there are a couple of chain restaurants (Subway, Nathan’s, Edy’s ice cream), but other than that it’s a collection of independent vendors heavy on the Americanized Asian food. See what your bourbon chicken options are after the jump. Read more »