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Table Tales Shifting Locations At Seaport

Fancy sandwich shop Table Tales at the South St. Seaport has closed its Water St. location, according to its website, and is moving to Front St. between Fulton & Beekman. Tip of the hat to Lunch’er Deep for sending this along. I’m not sure if this forthcoming “sandwich shop and market” will be any different from what they were before but I’ll keep you posted since there were at least a couple of gems on the menu including this ugly yet delicious specimen.

The Sunday Gravy Tasca At Table Tales Tastes Better Than It Looks

Looks can sometimes be deceiving when looking at a food item. Take Indian food – sometimes extremely unphotogenic, yet a party in your mouth. The same rule applies with the Sunday gravy tasca from Table Tales on Water St. (nr. Beekman). I had seen a glorious picture of this item from the New Amsterdam Market and was happy to see it’s on their regular menu. I headed over to get one to go (and this may have been the fatal flaw) with visions of meatballs and tomato sauce dancing in my head. What I got surprised me. Read more »

Table Tales Makes Awesome Chicken and Even Better Chips

Table Tales on Water Street near Peck Slip promises “carefully-crafted fine foods,” and really, who wants sloppily-prepared lowbrow grub?

Oh wait. I do. A lot of the time. But sometimes I do want something a little more finely-crafted, a little more highbrow. And while we’re at it, I want it in a nice and relaxing setting where I can leave the frustrations of the office behind and just eat in peace.

Table Tales offers me just that, while still allowing me to feed myself on my Lunch’er budget. As with Kiva Cafe, I think that some people may find this spot a bit too pricey for the grub, but you get more food here than at Kiva. And for me, amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown, the excellent food and charming vibe of Table Tales are worth it.

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