Fresh Salt Is Not A Lunch Destination For Cheapskates

If the thought of paying $10 for a sandwich and some chips pains you, then avert your eyes because Fresh Salt is not for you. The restaurant is on Beekman (btw. Front & South), part of a cluster of eateries at the South St. Seaport. While I was under the impression that it was a grab and go-type lunch place, it’s more of a sit down affair unless you want to get your food to go.  Several of you profiled lunch’ers have recommended this place but it’s just far enough off the beaten path that I tend to forget about it. The good news is the food is good – but you’re probably going to pay more than you’d like for the privelege of dining among cobblestones.

A friend and I each ordered sandwiches but there’s also quiche, salad and pita pizzas. The sandwiches are $10 each and come with chips or salad, or you can get potato salad for $1 more. I ended up ordering the Italian, and we also got a pork sandwich and thankfully they were slightly more interesting than the name would lead you to think.

The Italian had a good amount of prosciutto and soppresatta and was topped with roasted red peppers, some artichoke and slices of soft pecorino, all on ciabatta bread with some balsamic for moisture. What I tasted most was the prosciutto, peppers and balsamic, but I’m not complaining. The chips that came with the sandwich were, weirdly, barbeque flavored kettle chips. Not that I’m opposed to barbeque chips, but they didn’t exactly go with the Italian cold cut sandwich.

The roasted pork sandwich had melted swiss, avocado, jalapeno relish and dijon mustard and was on a seeded hamburger-type roll. It was heavy on the dijon flavor but had a good amount of avocado. My co-luncher remarked that it was good, but that she’d probably order something different next time.

Fresh Salt is on the same level as nearby Barbarini Alimentari or Made Fresh Daily - places you go to when you’re feeling a little bit classy or want to have an actual sit-down lunch. Or if you still want to lunch among the cobblestones, but drink a beer while doing so, there’s always Jeremy’s Ale House.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • The food is quality and you get a decent amount of it.
  • It’s nicer than most lunch places in the FiDi.

THE — (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Paying $10 for a sandwich and a side pains me.

Fresh Salt, 146 Beekman (btw. Front & South), (212) 962-0053,


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    hmm, they must have recently raised their prices as I don’t recall it being that expensive last time i went. that being said, it’s still my favorite place to go if i want a sit-down lunch. it’s also the best bar to go in the neighborhood.

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