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Soul Daddy Is Apparently Not America’s Next Great Restaurant

In what may be a record for quickest opening and closing, Soul Daddy – the product of the reality show America’s Next Great Restaurant – is already shuttered after a little more than one month. It was all over Twitter late yesterday and sure enough, when I walked by after work the Soul Daddy flag was still up, but the place was hiding its shame with paper over the windows. I guess not enough people liked whole wheat biscuits and baked chicken.

America’s Next Great Restaurant Is Actually Pretty…Good

The words “healthy” and “soul food” would probably send shivers of terror down many people’s spines, but these things no longer surprise me. It seems like every new place opening in or near the Financial District is trying to make their food healthy-sounding. And this is what you get from Soul Daddy, a new restaurant at the South St. Seaport, begat from a reality TV show, that we first showed you Tuesday. The restaurant takes soul food, puts it in a space that is reminiscent of Chipotle, and tries to let you eat lunch without having a heart attack afterward. Fair enough, but how does it taste?   Read more »

Reality Show Spawn Soul Daddy Opens At Seaport

If you watch reality TV shows involving food you may have heard of America’s Next Great Restaurant. Since I don’t, it came as a surprise when I saw that the winning restaurant, Soul Daddy, was simultaneously opening three locations yesterday including one on Front St. at the South St. Seaport. There’s nothing I like better than having my lunch destination handed to me. Click through for a look at the “new home cookin’” menu. Read more »