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Pasteles Are Back At Sandra’s Food Spot Cart!

I know some of you have been wondering when pasteles are served at Sandra’s Food Spot Cart on Nassau St. (btw. Liberty & Cedar). I checked with Sandra a month or two ago after someone asked and was told they would be back toward the end of October when the weather got cooler, and when walking by yesterday there were signs all over the front of the cart saying they now have them. You can order by the dozen in advance, or find them on Fridays as a special for $3.50 each. They had varieties including chicken or pork and you can get them with or without rice & beans and salad.

Sandra’s Cart Adds A Beef Stew Lunch Special

It’s almost swimsuit season, but that doesn’t mean we should all give up things like beef stew from a cart. While walking by Sandra’s Food Spot cart on Nassau (btw. Liberty & Cedar) I noticed they had a beef stew special that day. We’ve already sampled the cart’s Puerto Rican pasteles amd tilapia (which they have Monday, Wednesday and Friday) so I figured this beef stew deserved a shot. What I found was meat and potatoes served Latin style.

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Tilapia With Rice And Beans Special At Sandra’s Cart Worth The Mid-Week Wait

Sometimes when I would walk by Sandra’s Food Spot cart on Nassau (btw. Liberty & Cedar) in the morning there would be a neon pink sign affixed to the front announcing a special of tilapia with rice and beans for $7. It wasn’t until a few failed attempts at snagging this special that I realized they only serve it on Wednesdays (much like the Friday pasteles special), and it’s best to go early if you want some. Read more »

Sandra’s Cart Adds Ravioli Fair Heroes To Line Up, Takes Away Pasteles


I find this one a little strange, but according to a sign hanging by Sandra’s Cart by the Chase building on Nassau St. (nr. Liberty), they are now selling heroes from the Ravioli Fair cart. When I walked by, I noticed they had a piece of paper taped to the window saying what kinds of heroes they had, with some crossed off which I’m assuming they’d run out of. Ravioli Fair used to be located closer to Sandra’s, but now it’s over on Wall St. Kevin and Daniel were not big fans of these sandwiches, but someone must be buying them.

Chris had reviewed the Friday special pasteles served by the Puerto Rican ladies running the cart, but a sign taped to the side says that due to the hot weather, they’re not serving them until further notice. It didn’t really say if there’s another Friday special in their place.

Sandra’s Puerto Rican Food Makes My Life a Lil’ Brighter

Sandra's 003

Considering the sheer number of those who have immigrated from Puerto Rico to New York City, I’m really shocked at how difficult it can be to find Puerto Rican food. Sure, you could head to the outer boroughs for the good stuff or wait for the random street fair to come around, but it seems to me that pasteles should be to New York what tacos are to L.A. It should just be what the average New Yorker goes out and grabs for a quick bite. And yet, for some reason it’s hard as hell to find this kind of thing in the business centers of Manhattan. Lucky for all of us Downtown, there’s Sandra’s food cart.

Located on Nassau between Cedar and Liberty, very close to Ravioli Fair and Gloria’s burrito cart, Sandra’s happens to be one of my favorite food carts. The ladies working there are unbelievably nice, somehow the hot dogs are better than any other cart in the city, and every once in awhile they’ll bust out some seasonal specials. Over the winter they were serving a beef stew that my coworker told me was awesome, but the day I went to go check it out was apparently the first day they decided to stop serving it (As Zach would say, “Cue overhead shot with me yelling, ‘Nooooooooooooooo!’”). I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity this time. I noticed last week that they had started serving pasteles on Fridays with rice, pigeon peas, and salad for 8 bucks. You couldn’t stop me, no way, no how.

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