The Ravioli Fair Cart is Not THAT Bad

The Ravioli Fair cart outside One Chase Plaza got no love in the forums, and I know Daniel was not a big fan, but I think the place is getting a bad rap. I remembered having some great food there in the past… not only their Italian heroes, but also their pasta dishes. I decided to try it out once again.

Admittedly the results were mixed. You guys were right about the sandwiches, which are pretty underwhelming. Decent, just not anything I think I couldn’t get from one of the half-million pizzerias down here. The pasta, however, was even better than I remembered- and more than justifies this cart’s presence on downtown’s crowded streets.

The lasagna alone should put this place on the map, and even if you’re in the market for a hero, you could do a lot worse than Ravioli Fare.

I swear that I had a great parm from this place one time, though perhaps I was just hungover and not as discerning as usual. This time I went for the eggplant parm, which I generally prefer. I find the chicken that usually winds up getting parmigian-ed to be chewy and utterly tasteless. I’m in it for the fried stuff and the sauce, so the eggplant does the trick and is often — as it is in this case — a buck or two cheaper.

I had mixed emotions as I unwrapped my sandwich. On the one hand, it was big, at least a foot long. On the other hand, it wasn’t exactly overflowing with eggplant. I actually don’t like overstuffed sandwiches (massive burgers on puny buns are a big pet peeve) but this was definitely too far in the other direction. And a little amateur excavation turned out to be a mistake as it revealed some truly sickly looking strips of eggplant.

But I soldiered on and the whole thing tasted much better than that eggplant looks. The biggest problem was that there wasn’t enough sauce. Given that these sandwiches are probably made at 9 AM everyday, it makes sense to err on the dry side to avoid sogginess, but this one clearly needed some extra attention from the saucier. The bread was good though, the eggplant was quite tasty despite its appearance, and the flavor of the sauce was great. It’s a slightly-better-than-decent eggplant parm and at $6 and at a solid 12 inches, it’s really a pretty good option.

The lasagna, though. Yowza. This stuff is great. Plenty of their good, I’m thinking homemade, marinara with ricotta cheese and bit of a béchamel sauce. The perfect amount of very tasty ground beef and pasta that is surprisingly well-textured given the conditions. It’s a huge portion, and they give you almost a full loaf of bread on the side. It’s not a light lunch, and the beef can make it a little on the oily side. But boy is it good. At $7 it’s not dirt cheap, but I still call it a bargain.

My one warning about Ravioli Fair is that they’ve got what they’ve got until it’s gone, and stuff tends to get gone early. You can’t be sure of any one item lasting, but this might just be a good encouragement to try new stuff. Just like the lasagna, there may be another dark horse waiting in the wings.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Large sandwiches and very good pastas, from a cart no less!
  • Generous servings for reasonable to very slightly high prices.
  • Killer lasagna.

THE — (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The sandwiches would obviously better if they weren’t pre-made
  • This parm is edible, but far from the pinnacle of parm greatness.
  • Lunch any earlier than 1 PM is breakfast and by that hour, it could be a choice between tuna and Bologna Milanese.
  • Very curious name, especially for a business that seems to be operated by native English speakers.

Ravioli Fair Cart,  Nassau St. btw. Liberty and Cedar, in front of One Chase Plaza



  • Lasagna off a cart sounds good! Def. worth a try.

  • I always thought it was ravioli fair like… a street fair. *shrug*

    Okay, I’m sorry but I have to say it: “at $6 and at a solid 12 inches” – seriously, that’s what she said.

    Also, I can’t believe that the word “bechamel” has made an appearance on this site.

    PS I might go there today since I was just wondering what to eat … thanks Kevin

  • HAHA. Sounds like the footlong has impressed you.

    And this is the third time bechamel has appeared on an entry, according to the search.

    Now I want lasagna or to stay in bed…and avoid Mondays!

  • I knew someone would say that… but if you look, the other two times it appears were both in descriptions of Cer Te’s croque monsieur sandwich, which I am positive were penned by Cer Te themselves, not by Zach nor anyone writing for this site. :P So, I contend that this would be the first appearance within a review.

  • Haha. Yes yes, description of the sandwich but still NOT the first time on this site so you stand corrected. Hehe. First time within a review though like you restated. :P

    And where’s the ravioli?????

  • Seriously don’t want to go back and forth like this, but if you look, I never said it was the first time it appears on this site. I said – quote – “I can’t believe that the word “bechamel” has made an appearance on this site.”

    I maintain my original and restated/clarified points. Both are accurate.

  • Well, I said it wasn’t the first time then. Still alright if it wasn’t you saying it since I wasn’t quoting you but works with you not believing the appearance of the word on this site. I’m not incorrect because it isn’t the first time. :)

  • Really? Seriously? You told me I stand corrected. Point made. ’nuff said.

    See you in the forums!

  • Mmmhhmmm, you stand on your own correction by restating/reclarifying on your own – which you did “So, I contend that this would be the first appearance within a review.” Since clearly I didn’t correct you or stand on you. LOL.

    Take Care!

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    and thus concludes the worst debate ever held

  • BOO!!! BOO RAVIOLI FAIRE!!!! It was great 13 years ago! Now, not so much! I made that excursion back in the summer and was bitterly disappointed! Boo!!!!

    In fairness, I never tried their pasta dishes….

  • OK independent observer here who is a fan of both of you. StreetMeat, you are correct. Come on you guys …

    Now I also think that this is a strange name for a cart. But I like it! I think they could even go with “Ravioli Faire”. I just walked by this cart and didn’t give it a second look so will be trying it out. Fantastic review, Kevin, you had me laughing. Too bad I didn’t get to check in on ML until after lunch so my Ravioliventure will have to wait until next week.

    I actually went to midtown today and ate at Guy and Gallard! What! With all of the fabulous carts available to me, I choose this?! It wasn’t bad, and since it was right there at the building I was visiting, it was easy. Easy, but not cheap, and to quote Yvo, “That’s what she said!” mwah hahahahah

  • Goats, there is a small halal cart on governeur lane between front and water streets (alongside the Duane Reade) that I just noticed is advertising that they have curried goat! I’m betting they don’t have it every day though. mmmmm goat!

  • streetmeas, just ask her out already

  • I am not biting Cosilicous!! I am still top bitter over last night’s yankee defeat!


    YUCK! CURRY! And NO EATING GOATS!!!!!! NOT TO DO! NEVER! Leave me alone! No eating me! And certainly NO RUINING ME WITH CURRY…..BLUCK! YUCK! Vomit in my mouth now!

  • Shouldn’t it be fayre?

    Goats…ive just finished a lamb karahi….yummy.

  • I just scored a lamb gyro from rafiquis to kill me pain…

  • I had a hero here once and did not enjoy it :(

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