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Sandra’s Cart Adds Ravioli Fair Heroes To Line Up, Takes Away Pasteles


I find this one a little strange, but according to a sign hanging by Sandra’s Cart by the Chase building on Nassau St. (nr. Liberty), they are now selling heroes from the Ravioli Fair cart. When I walked by, I noticed they had a piece of paper taped to the window saying what kinds of heroes they had, with some crossed off which I’m assuming they’d run out of. Ravioli Fair used to be located closer to Sandra’s, but now it’s over on Wall St. Kevin and Daniel were not big fans of these sandwiches, but someone must be buying them.

Chris had reviewed the Friday special pasteles served by the Puerto Rican ladies running the cart, but a sign taped to the side says that due to the hot weather, they’re not serving them until further notice. It didn’t really say if there’s another Friday special in their place.

The Ravioli Fair Cart is Not THAT Bad

The Ravioli Fair cart outside One Chase Plaza got no love in the forums, and I know Daniel was not a big fan, but I think the place is getting a bad rap. I remembered having some great food there in the past… not only their Italian heroes, but also their pasta dishes. I decided to try it out once again.

Admittedly the results were mixed. You guys were right about the sandwiches, which are pretty underwhelming. Decent, just not anything I think I couldn’t get from one of the half-million pizzerias down here. The pasta, however, was even better than I remembered- and more than justifies this cart’s presence on downtown’s crowded streets.

The lasagna alone should put this place on the map, and even if you’re in the market for a hero, you could do a lot worse than Ravioli Fare.

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