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An Old Fashioned Cheese Steak And Phenomenal Fries At Shorty’s

Do not go to Shorty’s if you are on a diet. I mean, if you are trying to watch your girlish figure, a cheese steak is probably not at the top of your list of things to eat for lunch. The shop on Pearl St. (btw. Coenties Slip & Broad) has salads and some “lighter” hoagies on the menu, but for me the danger lies in knowing that Shorty’s has some really great fries to go along with your meat, cheese and bread gut-bomb. Did I mention these fries involve romano cheese?

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Join Construction Workers, High School Students At Charlys For A Cheese Steak


There are many options for a cheese steak in the Financial District: Delis, street meat carts, the Dominic’s Truck on Whitehall St. and the occasional visit from the Phil’s Steaks truck. We’ll also eventually be getting a location of Shorty’s cheese steaks down on Pearl St.

One place we’ve never checked out, but that I’ve always been curious about it Charly’s which is on Trinity Place (at Cedar St.) and caters to every guilty pleasure food you might want, from pizza to burgers to chicken wings. The thing that many of the dudes and construction workers that throng the place, along with students from nearby high schools, at lunch time is a cheese steak. Would it be any better than the deli variety?

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Shorty’s Bringing Its Cheese Steaks & Booze Downtown

You may have eaten from the Shorty’s on Wheels truck at some point since it launched a while back (and which I realize I haven’t reviewed), as it was a regular in the Financial District for a while and now parks in the WFC food truck lot on occasion. But did you know that truck is an offshoot of two Shorty’s cheese steak shops in the Flatiron and Midtown? Well, Shorty’s announced on Twitter Friday that they’re opening a shop at 62 Pearl St. between Coenties Slip & Broad sometime around Christmas. Their cheese steaks are said to be good, although the roast pork is supposedly better. Either way, they will also have a bunch of beer on tap and whatever a whiskey wall is for your liquid lunch and happy hour needs. Photo courtesy of ultraclay.

Braving The Line At Phil’s Steaks For My Second Cheese Steak Ever

I’m sure you all think I eat things like cheese steaks on a regular basis, but up until Phil’s Steaks launched its truck and started parking down here, our only options in the Financial District for this marriage of meat, cheese and bread was Carl’s Steaks (which isn’t even in the FiDi) or one of the varieties from street meat carts and delis that I’d just rather not chance. The only other time I’ve had one of these was in Philadelphia and it was so unmemorable that I can’t even remember where I got it from.

When the truck first launched, I had no time to stand in the long lines, and instead we got a take from some dedicated lunch’ers who did. One day last week I walked by and saw that the line seemed to be moving quickly, so I jumped in to see what all of the fuss on Twitter about these sandwiches is about.

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First Impressions: Phil’s Steaks Is The Real Deal, But You May Want To Tweak Your Order

As you may have heard, people are really into this truck called Phil’s Steaks which aims to school us New Yorkers on what a Philly cheesesteak should actually look/taste like. They use bread from Philly and  poached some of their staff from Philly. But how are the sandwiches once you get past the hype? We’ve already gotten a take from Rachel when the truck parked in Midtown and she generally said it was good, and straight ahead are what a couple of Downtown Lunch’ers thought, as well as the menu.

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Jury Duty Lunch: Downtown Goes Philly (Cheesesteak) on Your Ass

Carl's Steaks 017
No, no, you’re at the right place! This isn’t Midtown Lunch: Philadelphia, I promise, though after Jamie’s video about how to eat soup dumplings, it doesn’t look like such a bad place to be.  Which is why I’ve chased down a little corner of Philly and taken a closer look. Carl’s Steaks has been on the collective ML radar for awhile now, Zach having reviewed it back in the day up in Midtown, but for some reason the Downtown outpost has eluded us. But not anymore. Last week I went in, shook hands with Carl himself, and took a big, greasy bite out of Philly.

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