An Old Fashioned Cheese Steak And Phenomenal Fries At Shorty’s

Do not go to Shorty’s if you are on a diet. I mean, if you are trying to watch your girlish figure, a cheese steak is probably not at the top of your list of things to eat for lunch. The shop on Pearl St. (btw. Coenties Slip & Broad) has salads and some “lighter” hoagies on the menu, but for me the danger lies in knowing that Shorty’s has some really great fries to go along with your meat, cheese and bread gut-bomb. Did I mention these fries involve romano cheese?

The word on the sandwich first: It was beefy, salty, melty and seasoned well. I ordered the Old Fashioned steak ($10) which involves chopped up beef, grilled tomato, Italian seasoning, oregano and provolone on a roll they have shipped from Philadelphia and bake themselves. You can get fried onions on your steak, but you have to request them. The thing I was most worried about was an overload of oregano and Italian seasoning, which have ruined many a pizza slice. They did a good job of not overpowering the sandwich with these flavors, and the tomato and mild provolone were also on par. I am not the biggest fan of cheese steaks, but this one was good.

Next up, those Italian fries that I paid $5 for. You can get plain fries for $4 but why do that when you can get them topped with Cheez Whiz, Old Bay seasoning or Italian seasoning and romano cheese? The last option sounded delicious, and it was, although I would recommend sharing the order with at least one other person. The fries were fresh, crispy and liberally sprinkled with the salty cheese and some fresh herbs. These are on par with the garlic parmesan fries from Zigolini’s that I fell in love with last year.

You’ll do just fine only ordering a sandwich at Shorty’s, but if you have a lunch partner in crime, perhaps tack on an order of Italian fries. They will stink up the office, but they are glorious.

Shorty’s, 62 Pearl St. (btw. Coenties Slip & Broad), (212) 480-3900, on the Web



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    Shortys makes the best philly cheesesteak in NYC.

    I’m not a fan of their pork sandwich; it is very salty. Their chicken wings suck.

    The fries are excellent, and while very complimentary, IMO you didn’t do them justice. They aren’t just crispy, they’re almost chewy, with a huge surface area caused by (I imagine) blanching in water or mechanical friction somehow. Crazy good.

    But yeah, not healthy.


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